There are a lot of problems with PR in the building and construction industries. Big accidents, bankruptcies, and unscrupulous businesses have brought a lot of disrepute for the rest to contend with. Contracting and hiring are a huge part of an industry that relies on great skills and fast turnarounds. So how can you turn your company’s reputation into a great reputation that will reap rewards?



Build By Event

Using social media to detail the day-to-day events for your company can be a cheap and cheerful way of connecting with customers. Let’s face it, not every one of the people on your team is a great talker. They’re not front-of-house types – that’s not their job! But they’re skilled, experienced, fast, and safe. They do their work well, so start singing their praises on your FaceBook page, and your Twitter feeds.




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Talk about the projects they’re undertaking, and how they’re successfully tackling the challenges. Add photos of them working hard and those all-essential before and after pics. Turn each phase into an event. If you can connect the dots between historic projects, that can be even better. This is especially helpful when your prospective clients are checking to see you can do their type of job.



Build By Association

Work with reputable firms and talk about how you work together in your newsletters and social media posts. This can do you both a lot of good. After all, nobody can work solo in construction, so you’re going to have a lot of suppliers and contractors you can associate with. Their reputation can help bolster yours so pick and choose who you work with wisely.




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Talk about the interesting jobs and make a story about it, complete with a headline. Write about the day you needed a diesel knuckle boom lift hire firm to help you get over the top of your construction site. Heavy machinery and unusual sights make for brilliant photo ops too. When you needed a crane to reach higher than the tallest building in your city, you can even push to make it newsworthy with a clever press release.



Build Up Useful Information And Support Education

There are always going to jobs in building and construction. And there will always be young people looking for a career for life in your sector. This could be a huge and untapped pool of talent to nurture as your business grows. Most importantly, your attention to the development of your industry can make you a subject matter expert and a voice of authority.




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For each blog post, include a few facts and figures that could be educational and informative. Talk about the training and education that are needed to work those kinds of jobs. Discuss the science behind the projects. You could even include short how-to videos for some of the simpler tasks. By posting a variety of useful material each week, your website can rank higher in search engines.



Building a reputation can take time, and it will also take a little ingenuity and creativity. It’s about trust, and it’s about information. These things will go a long way to help your business build a reputation as a market leading builder.





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