What Can Medical Professionals Learn From Entrepreneurs?


The medical industry is always one of the last to change with the times. You wouldn’t have thought it because of all the technology and its importance to our health and happiness, but for various institutional factors, it remains a laggard. But now many people who run their own practices in the medical industry are waking up and realizing that there are lessons they can learn from the wider business community.



Lesson #1: Being An Authority Matters

Today’s business leaders pour thousands of dollars and hours of their time into portraying themselves as experts in their particular field. Why do they go to such lengths? Because in the digital world, being perceived as an authority is essential. People tend to gravitate to those who have the greatest insights and provide the most help.



Strangely, though medical practitioners haven’t jumped on this bandwagon. Despite the fact that they operate in a knowledge-based industry where keeping up with the latest science is essential, comparatively few branch out and offer their patients authority-driven content. As such, the market is currently wide open. Practitioners who want to expand their practices and build revenue should start to offer their expertise online in the form of videos and blogs.



Lesson #2: Boost Curb Appeal

Your doctor’s office or dental clinic setup is crucial in determining how your business is perceived and how many patients you get coming through the door. The better the presentation, the more attractive a destination your clinic will become. According to industry estimates, dental practices that improve their curb appeal experience a 40 percent uplift in patient numbers in just 12 months.




Lesson #3: Sponsor An Event

If you want to improve your public image, then why not sponsor an event? Sponsoring a 10km run is not only a great way to get your name out there, but it’s also an opportunity to show the community you’re working to help them get healthier too.




Lesson #4: Partner Up With Local Gyms

You could also help your patients get healthier by partnering up with a local gym. In return for your recommendation, local gyms could offer patients a discount on membership fees.



Lesson #5: Outsource Office Work

Businesses outsource work to third party companies all the time. It just makes it so much easier than doing it in-house. For clinical practices with limited human resources, it makes even more sense to pass routine work onto others. You can outsource marketing, administration, and finance.




Lesson #6: Stop Using Paper

Paper records are an administrative nightmare. Not only are they messy and difficult to keep organized, but it’s also tough to back them up, should something go wrong. That’s why most businesses have now switched to cloud-based filing systems. Not only are these automatically backed up, the free up space in the office, providing you with extra desk space and reducing inventory costs.








The bottom line is that practices can still do a lot to be more like businesses and reduce their costs. How much could you learn from business?



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