Construction Firms: Do You Have Great Relationships With Your Suppliers?




All industries rely on fantastic suppliers and materials, of course, but it’s of ultimate importance when you run a construction business. A friendly, respectful relationship with your key group of suppliers will get you out of jail on more than one occasion, whether you are trying to resolve a disappointed customer’s issues or need to find the right materials for a last-minute booking.  


In today’s guide, I’m going to go through a few of the things you need to bear in mind when developing your construction firm’s relationships with suppliers. There’s a lot to cover, from knowing where to look to nurturing that relationship – hopefully over many years – so let’s get started with a few ways your suppliers can have a positive impact on your company.


Find quality materials

If you find a supplier of high grade, first class materials, keep hold of them. Building and construction firms live and die by the quality of their work, and without quality materials, you won’t be in business too long. The components you use for your contracts can have a significant impact on the quality of your finished work, and the better your work, the happier your customer. And that, in turn, will mean more money in the bank and a lot more recommendations for your work to follow.





Look for competitiveness

Competitive pricing on materials means you can offer your customers better deals – and it’s well worth seeking them out. Take steel piping as the perfect example. According to Varner Pipe, LLC, metal merchants who operate near oilfields and other construction/engineering type industries can often get their hands on vast quantities of material. And that often means that you will end up getting better deals from the bulk suppliers – and if you buy in bulk, too, you might get even bigger discounts which you can pass onto your customers.

Expect timeliness

When the chips are down, you need to be assured that your suppliers will be there for you. Ultimately, whether it’s a mistake on an order or a late delivery, your customers won’t care that it might be your supplier’s fault – they will blame your company. Great vendors understand the issues lateness and untimely deliveries cause to businesses like yours and know that your reputation for reliability will take a nosedive if they can’t deliver for you.





Innovative new products

When you have a good relationship with a supplier, you will often be first in line when it comes to them testing innovative new product lines. It’s a brilliant advantage, as you will be on the cutting edge of current construction technology, and will be able to get to grips with your new materials or equipment sooner than your industry rivals.

Cash flow protection

Finally, cash flow is vital in the construction industry, of course. And without good supplier relationships, you will struggle to find companies willing to give you any kind of credit. When you are going through slow periods, it can be a godsend to get credit from a reliable supplier and pay them back when you have finished the job.


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