Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing


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Digital marketing is essential to every modern business, and content marketing is an essential part of it. Despite all the amazing case studies and advice that you’ve gone over, you may find that your content marketing efforts simply aren’t getting you the results you want. This can be extremely frustrating, and will drive many business owners to think that their product or service is fundamentally flawed. This is rarely the case. Here are a few common reasons why content marketing fails…


Your Strategy is Thin on the Ground

A lot of modern business journals cover the subject of content marketing in a way that makes it sound so much easier than it actually is. Don’t be coaxed into thinking you can have a loose plan in your head and still make something of it. Your content marketing strategy needs to be properly documented. Fail to do this, and you’ll be setting yourself up for failure from the very beginning. Draft a content marketing strategy, starting with a specific target audience in mind, and setting individual, measurable milestones that you want to hit in order to help your brand towards its overarching goals. As you move ahead with your strategy, you should be measuring its effects, and tweaking them for greater success. The internet is full of guides and examples of content marketing strategies, so start doing your homework!


You’re Not In-Touch With your Target Audience

The central function of content marketing is being able to reach out to your target audience and educate them on your industry, niche, products and services. If you’re preaching the wrong topic to the wrong people, or the right topic in the wrong way, your content marketing is sure to crash and burn. Ask yourself who your target market is, what they want, what their deepest wishes, desires and fears are, and what things they’re likely to complain about. Most importantly of all, make sure your content adopts a tone that’s clear and accessible to your target market. If you’re selling niche products like irrigation water flow measurement systems, don’t fill your content with specialised industry jargon that will go right over people’s heads. That old phrase “the customer comes first” applies massively when it comes to content marketing.


You’re Not Thinking About Lead Generation

If you’re not able to generate leads through your content, then you’re wasting your time, publishing new pieces of content on a regular basis for no reason at all. As you probably know, the web is oversaturated with content these days, a lot of it from your close competitors. However, there’s always going to be a shortage of decent content. If you’re able to exploit this gap within your niche, and publish content that pushes people down the sales funnel, you’ll have little else you need to worry about. Put quality over quantity, and don’t let the schedule you’ve set for your content marketing impede great ideas. Spend more time researching and coming up with truly unique and interesting ideas, and you’ll have a considerable edge over even your most wealthy competitors!

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