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There are loads of guides and documents around the world which show off the best pay-grades for different jobs. Some countries would argue that one job should be paid so much; and, other countries will disagree. Unfortunately, on top of this, there is no standardised way for companies to figure out how much to pay their staff. Aside from looking at averages, it’s impossible to get a clear idea of how much your employees need to be paid. To help you out, this post will be going through the best ways to come to a decision about how much to pay your employees. So, now, you just have to make some changes to payroll.



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Nobody can argue that all work is worth the same pay. Some jobs require much harder work than others; both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, though, in reality, most jobs are paid disproportionately. For example, a doctor will be paid much more than a waste collector. But, they may do the same hours and have to put in the same amount of effort. But, because the doctor spent several years studying; they make more money. Both of these roles are essential to society. And, yet, they are paid so differently. Usually, wages are more based on demand and availability. For example, if a lot of people want a job and have the skills for it; the job will be paid less. But, a job with uncommon skills and requirements will have less demand. And, therefore, the employer will have to pay more to get people interested.



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Of course, you shouldn’t just base your employee’s wages on things like this. You should also consider the work that they actually do; and, how much money it makes for you and the business. Along with this, you also have to think about how much it costs to live where your business is situated. If it’s an expensive area; you may have to pay more to attract locals. Thankfully, you can take most of this work out of your hands. A company like Portfolio HR has the resources and experience to help you find someone to do this work for. It’s worth having a professional figure these numbers; to avoid having mistakes made.


People will have a good idea of what others are paid for doing the same job. If they have a job that pays well; they will want to hold onto it. And, as a side-effect of this, you will find that they work harder. But, if they are unhappy with their pay; they will probably end up leaving the job very quickly. Companies that underpay their employees are often highlighted by media as bad organisations. This can impact your business in more than one way. It can make it hard to get more customers or even lose ones that you already have. And, it will make it harder for you to employ new staff in the future.


Paying your staff fairly comes in more than one form. The wage that you pay staff is just the start. From there, you also have to consider other benefits that they might want. A lot of businesses offer their employees a small portion of the business for their work. This will usually be done in the form of a profit share; enabling the employee to get more from working harder. In other cases, you may prefer to use a bonus system, though. These sorts of methods will involve giving employees a big chunk at the end of the year; to show that their work is appreciated. You have to be careful with these things, though. It’s very easy for a business to overpay or give away too much of their ownership to employees. In this case, your employees will actually be losing you money. And, this is the opposite of what you want. So, you should always make sure that your employees deserve extra benefits. And, whether or not you can afford to give them. If you can’t offer financial improvements to their work; it’s a good idea to find other ways to say thank you. Employee meals and parties are great ways to do this.


Hopefully, this will help you to get to grips with the problems of payroll. It can be hard to work out what someone’s work is worth. Often, you will be forced to pay the bare minimum. But, as time goes on and your business grows; it will get easier to give people a fair wage.



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