How to Create an Inspiring and Productive Workspace


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So, you’ve bought yourself a new office space, and you want to make it a beautiful, inspiring and productive place to work? You might find that a complete redesign of what is already there is unnecessary and all it really needs is a quick spruce! Here are some tips on how to create the workspace of your dreams!


Let the light in

Hopefully, this would have been an important factor when going through the commercial conveyancing process and there is a load of natural light flooding your new workspace. If you don’t have this luxury, the don’t skip out on loads of good quality lights throughout the office. Lamps can be fun as well as functional and can add a new dimension to a place of work; they are also easy to move around so you can change the look of your office with ease.


Make sure the walls are a mellow but light colour – this will allow the rooms to be brighter naturally and will let light bounce around.


Invest in good furniture

Sofas and armchairs are great, but not for long periods of slumping over a computer – you wouldn’t want your content team to complain of bad backs, would you? Give your employees the option to sit or stand, but always ensure that the chairs you provide are supportive and comfortable. Provide tables and power so that can people can easily move around to work in groups, create breakaway meetings and to discuss projects – giving people options will promote productivity.


Think about noise

Different people have different noise requirements for when they are working, and if you have a big team you may need to think about how to keep everybody happy. Sometimes, people would rather plug into their Spotify account and crack on without talking to anybody; others need a communal radio to keep them going, others prefer nothing at all. Talk to the people who work for you and find out what option is best and work to make that happen – happy employees make for good workers!


Keep distractions to a minimum

We now carry our work, entertainment and social lives with us wherever we go on our phones, laptops, and tablets and with all of those devices, there are more than enough distractions present before adding anything else into the mix.


Views of the outside and clean walls are two great ways to minimize distractions in the office, and although art is a wonderful thing, the workplace is seldom the place for you to hang your favourite find from a Peruvian market. Too much artwork can be distracting, unless it’s in a meeting room because that is where you are most likely to meet clients (and also get bored!).


Room with a view

If possible, a good view from the window should be enough artwork for your workspace. A green space is healthy too, and if you haven’t got one that you can see from the window, create a living wall, invest in houseplants to dot around the office or fill the outdoor space with giant greens.



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