One of the biggest problems facing small companies is the number of distractions which are derailing them. From the small and irritating, to the larger, more serious time-drainers, distractions appear to be everywhere. One of the keys to success? Knowing how to cut them out.







So many roles now require staff to communicate on a variety of different platforms. From social media marketing messages to WordPress blog posts, staff can be on any number of sites a day. Whilst this is great and shows that a business is engaging all their assets, it can be a deadly distraction too. It’s more and more tempting to use our smartphones, Facebook, and Instagram for person use rather than professional. Sometimes this is done seamlessly, and without even realizing we’ve switched between the two. What’ more, how do you enforce a policy of no personal communication at work? You’d have to monitor everyone’s screens to ensure there were no distractions. Instead, it’s best to voice your concerns about this distraction to your staff. Allow them to deal with the issue themselves. Give frequent breaks so that it’s not necessary to send personal messages throughout the day.



IT Woes




IT is the bane of a lot of businesses lives. So many staffers and bosses spend more time worrying about the technological aspects of the business, than the business itself! It’s easy to see why. Everything is linked to IT. The storing of data, cloud services, the internet, marketing resources, customer service programs and much more. The easiest solution to this problem is outsourcing your IT to an external company. These companies can manage all aspects of your IT system and provide you a package within your budget. This takes the distraction out of the office and leaves it in safe hands. Making your business more efficient and able.



The Office Environment




It can be a difficult balance to get right. You want an office where your staff can collaborate and communicate, but not one which is noisy and unproductive. Working in cubicles is a bit of a dated practice which isolates staff, the bonus is it keeps people concentrating. Alternatively and open plan office is modern but can turn into a social gathering. Getting the balance right is key to cutting out distractions. Try separating the office into teams. It’s still open plan, but staffers are restricted to their table with their own team. This allows them to communicate and collaborate, but not just generally chat! Similarly, ensure you have an area where staff members can relax and socialize. This will boost their morale and cut down on personal chat at their desks. A communal area with a kitchen facility is best. Make the most of your office environment by looking into small things like the heating and lighting as well as the layout.


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