If you want your business to be truly successful then you need to ensure you get the best out of your workforce.There are all kinds of support in business, but the best can come from your workforce. If you’ve got them on side your business is likely to stay successful.

Be Understanding

There’s nothing worse than a boss who doesn’t understand. If someone needs to go home early because of a family emergency or because they’re feeling sick be understanding, don’t be angry or put out, if it happened to you would you do any different? The same applies to their work. Don’t expect a certain amount of work from a colleague if you couldn’t do the same.  As their boss you should be able to do the work that your staff do. Yes, you may not be able to do it as fast because you’re not doing it everyday, but you certainly need to be able or know how the work is done, otherwise how can you coach them when they do things wrong, an understanding boss is a respected boss.

Set The Example

If you want your workforce to work to a high standard then it is vital you do too. If you take hours in the breakroom relaxing they’ll think it’s okay for them to do likewise. The same applies with customers, if you give the best service possible it’ll ensure your team continue being customer centric too.



Do Something Different

Monotony kills productivity. So once every few months surprise them all with an away day, a team building exercise or just something that gets them away from the office for the day. They’ll appreciate it more than you know and it’ll allow your colleagues an unexpected break, try something that will get them all working as a team and talking because this will promote cooperativeness. It’s also give them all something to talk about and be upbeat out in the office. There are some great and unusual team building days out there for you to try.


Reward Success

Your team aren’t going to work hard unless they see rewards at the end. Shout about success and show your team how happy you are with them and their performance. You can keep them working hard with a realistic bonus scheme, if they see colleagues walking away with extra cash it’ll give them an incentive to try harder. Recognition plays a big part too, if you use a colleague of the month it’l; promote a healthy competitiveness among your team. The power of praise can never be understated, simply saying “well done” can work wonders as long as you don’t overdo it.


Promote Responsibility

If you make someone responsible or accountable for certain things it’ll up their game. They’ll feel like you trust them, and will want to repay that trust. It’s a good way of gauging if someone’s ready for promotion too. It means you’re willing to show some faith in your workforce and it will register with them.

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