Getting The Deal You Want With Your Business Partners

Whenever you need to meet up with one of your partners in order to strike a deal, it can be worrying not knowing how the meeting will end and what the result will ultimately be. But the truth is that it is not all that hard to get the deal that you want, so long as you are happy to follow a few basic rules and continue to use your own basic intuition and sense of what is probably right. Getting a deal which will work for you is all about making sure you keep your partner happy, while still promoting your own values. In this article, we are going to go through some essential pointers on how to get this right.



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The Presentation

First things first, you need to spend some time focusing on the absolute essentials – things like presentation. If you are not really looking the part, then you can’t really expect your meeting to go as well as you would hope. You need to make sure that you are dressed in the smartest and most appropriate corporate wear possible, and that your appearance is such that your partner is more likely to respect you and appreciate your presence with them there. This means being clean and presentable, and looking the part. When you look the part, you get into the role more easily, and that makes it more likely that you will succeed in achieving what you want to achieve.


The Talk

It helps if you are someone who knows how to talk – to have the gift of the gab. But if you don’t feel that you have this natural ability, it doesn’t matter – you can still learn it as a skill at least to be able to use in professional situations such as these. Knowing what to say relies on having a keen understanding of what your partner is likely to want from the encounter. This means knowing them intimately as a professional, and for that you just need to make sure that you follow them pretty closely. As you can see, the more attention you pay to them in everyday life, the better you can perform in these situations. Talk in such a way as to suggest that they will benefit hugely – without actually lying to them – and you will get what you need in return as well.



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The Details

Different people work differently. Some like to discuss as many details as they possibly can during the initial meeting, whereas others like to agree on the basics and then go into more detail later on. Whatever your partner prefers, be sure to go along with that most of the way. But if you prefer the opposite, don’t be afraid to push your own way a little. Ultimately people respect someone who respects themselves, so it should not just be a case of give, give, give – you need to get what you want out of the transaction as well. With the details dealt with at the appropriate time, you will have more faith in the deal itself.


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