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In the modern world of business, it is the companies that work hard to boost efficiency that are able to beat out the competition and become more successful than the rest. Despite all of the modern technology that allows us to automate processes and boost our technical capabilities, it is still our employees who run our businesses and either make or break us in the efficiency stakes. That’s why, as a business owner or manager, it is of vital importance that you know what you do to get the most out of your employees.


Here are some simple things you can do to keep getting more out of your team, thus boosting your company’s efficiency now and in the long-term:


Make Productivity Part of the Culture

Simply telling your team to work more productivity isn’t going to work. If you want your team to be more efficient in the long-term, you need to weave the importance of productivity into every aspect of your business by creating reasons for staff to be productive (bonuses, promotions, occasional rewards) and by creating a mission statement that makes it clear that productivity and accountability are a central part of working for your business.


Lead by Example

You don’t have to do an online masters degree in leadership to know that, if you want to get more out of your team, you need to lead by example. If you aren’t exactly Mr or Mrs productivity and your staff don’t always see you working as hard as you can to get things done in the most efficient way possible, well they’re hardly going to be inspired to do more and do better themselves, are they? So, if you want to increase efficiency, start with yourself.


Reward Efficiency

You should always support your team in their work and help them to achieve all they are capable of, but sometimes, just helping your team isn’t enough and if you want them to keep making improvements, you should reward them for any innovations they bring to the table. If you do this, they will have a very real incentive to keep improving.


Foster a Healthy Working Environment

It is almost universally true that, if a team is working in a difficult workplace, where they are given impossible targets to meet, constantly watched over and admonished by management and where they feel uncomfortable, they will not achieve their full potential. As a business owner, then, it is your job to ensure that your team’s working environment is the best it can be. It should be comfortable, open, and supportive if you want to get more out of your team.


Give Them Freedom

Finally, you should always give your team as great a degree of freedom as you can. You should do this because, when staff feel they have the go-ahead to try new things and when they feel like they are trusted, they will typically come up with better ideas, which boost efficiency and your bottom line!


If you can do these very simple things, you should see a very rapid improvement in your team’s efforts and the productivity of your company.


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