3 steps to be great leader

GreatLeadership is not only working

Most of the people think that leadership is only hard work and when you are hardworking man everybody should follow you. There is something in high productive people and it si true that people follow them. But, that is not enough. Because in leadership it is very important to have good relationship with people. So, here is three steps how to be better leader.


1. Show them

in every business if you would like to have business not a job, you have to show to others how to do it. If you are alone and don’t have anybody to show how things going on in your business than you are not a leader. Than you have a job where you do all the work. All great leaders show others how to do the business. So, that is what you have to do. Show what you know to others.


2. Help

When you show them, you cannot leave them than and said i showed you now you do the work. Once you show them, you have to help them to learn what they have to learn and to start doing it. All great leaders help their people to learn and do what they have to do. Leaders don’t leave their people in fire to burn out. Maybe they put them little on fire, just to make sure that their people knows what fire is. But they do not leave them in the fire.


3. Give the responsibility

After you show everything to your people and help them to learn. You have to give them responsibility to continue by themself. If they will not do it by themself, than you are not a leader. You are only manager who needs assistant. Now it is time to left them alone just like the birds left their small birds when they learn to fly. Give them responsibility and left them. You anyway have a lot of other things to do. Don’t get stuck with people. Because you will not grow.

You can be stacked with 5-10 people not more. Problem is when you are stuck with them you will have no time to do nothing else except to work with your people who will bother you with every single problem they find. Instead that you have people who solve problems, you will have people who bring problems to you. So, than you will handle even their problems. Not only you will be bad leader your life will be misery.

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