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Is your workplace not the dynamic business it once was? Are you used to the same processes and the same four walls? It can hit a point where your business is just crying out for a change! Cabin fever may be one way to describe it, but another way to describe it is that your business may just need a complete makeover. Here are some nuggets of inspiration…


Change Your Brand

The business can appear stagnant due to the problems its image communicates. The company may be hitting its targets, but if that’s not enough, then you may want to think about taking a view of the whole brand of the business and if it needs a change. You can hire a marketing company to take care of this, or if you have enough help in-house, you can undertake a change in your whole business image. Beware, changing a business brand is something that can be the equivalent of spring cleaning, it takes longer than you think it will, and it will use up more of your resources than you realize! Sometimes all a business requires is a makeover in this area to really utilize its potential. You may have the product ready and successful, but by changing the brand, you can take the popularity of your business to the next level. A lot of younger businesses might view the brand as something way down on the list of priorities, but this cannot be farther from the truth! Without a good brand, your business will not appear to be reliable, dynamic, important, and appealing to new customers. A brand encompasses so many things, from your logo to the marketing and even the people attached to the business. A unique brand is one that makes people sit up and pay attention; does your business have this?


Change Your Workspace

A dull workplace can be uninspiring, and this will eventually rub off on your employees. Shaking up your workspace could involve changing your office to incorporate new features, inside and out. If your business is a very plain looking building, then try and change the features around it. Take inspiration from parks that have lots of trees and plants in and around it. Planting some greenery and installing a new sprinkler system to keep it maintained will brighten up a drab white building and make it much more appealing to your employees. If you want your workplace to be a welcoming environment, install a few benches and relaxation areas outside and inside the building, so people have somewhere to escape to if they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Your employees’ welfare needs to be examined with a much keener focus than in the past, especially as work-related burnout is a lot more common nowadays. A few ways to combat this, in addition to areas dedicated to downtime, is to install games, which has been shown to increase productivity rather than hamper it, and to periodically hire “relaxation stations.” Your staff’s welfare and productivity go hand in hand, and you need to show that you are acting in their best interests. The workspace itself may be laden with chairs that cause back problems and desks that are uncomfortable. Standing desks has been a popular move recently because of the health benefits attached to it, and that you will have a lot more space to play with! Working at a computer for hours on end will eventually contribute to a more sedentary working method and will seriously damage productivity. As well as installing standing desks to help keep the energy up, you can also limit the amount of blue light being emitted from the computer screens, which will cause eye strain and mess with your body’s melatonin production (which will cause sleep disruptions in people who are working late at night). Installing a screen filter or a blue light filtering program like F.Lux will work wonders for reducing eye strain and cutting down on fatigue in your staff members.   


Change Your Working Processes

The reason your business may be treading water could simply be the fact that your company is not working as effectively as it once was. The actions and processes that you set in motion when you first started the business might not be the ones you need right now. As a result, everything is taking a lot longer to do, and it is losing you valuable time and money. Taking a scalpel and streamlining some of your processes may be what you need to make your business a thriving workplace once again. The working processes don’t necessarily need to change, but they can easily be cut down to eliminate some of the less important areas or finding ways to automate some of the tasks will make sure that your staff is working better in other areas that demand more attention. There are systems like CRM that are invaluable to a company that works with customers and need to keep updating how they engage with them. Integrating analytics tools to give better feedback to your staff to cut down call times with customers or how workers can engage better with the public can be another method that will increase the productivity in small ways. Adding up all of the little processes that can be eliminated will all add up, and for many workers, it is a big change in their daily setup, but if these processes help them to work smarter instead of harder, while also saving you money, it is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Giving your company a makeover in one or all of these areas may be the very thing you need to either give your business a lift in the sales stakes, improve your employees’ working practices, or just make the office look a bit prettier! Some people are adverse to change, but in business, where you need to be evolving constantly to stay ahead of the competition, it needs to be part of your entire business makeup.


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