usa-49909_640Most of the people in Network Marketing do this job as a part-time job. That is the way how most of the people start in Network Marketing.

Maybe that is the reason why lot of them get lost in the way of doing their usual work and after usual work they have to start doing part-time job. People are often tired, start to be sloppy, losing enthusiasm very fast and so on.

One of the main reason is time. They do not have enough time to do all that work and to be little with family and so on. Here I will show you five steps how to combine your Network Marketing business with your job and with your family. The most important thing in such a way of working is doing things faster. Bt let see this five ways how be combine everything together.


  1. Change your way of doing things on your work

I know that all workers like to have nice and easy day on work. To work without stress and to enjoy on their work. But if you are doing two jobs than you have to change your way of doing things on your work. When you are on your work you have to only work. No, chatting with colleges, no taking look on your Facebook every ten minutes. When you are on work you have to work. To be sure that you finish everything during your time on your work. If you will have to stay longer than your second job lose your time and concentration.

  1. Plan better

In this way your planing is more important than ever. Why? Because every second matters and you do not want to lose it for nothing. Plan your time special after your main job. To jump up Network Marketing business you will some time to work two jobs. So, it is very important to that after your job you know where are you going and how much time will you spend on meetings. When you are in this shortage of time you will very easy see who is the right people to work with.

  1. Work only with right people

In the beginning of any Network Marketing business everybody is happy to have anybody who will join them. That’s the things in the beginning. But later on you will have to work only with those who deserve it. Because you will not have time to lose with those who don’t want to work. If you want to jump-start your Network Marketing business work with the right people.




  1. Sleep enough

I know that first thing what everybody does when they do not have enough time during the day is work long hours and not sleeping enough. Maybe you will do more in that one day. But next day you will be tired and you will not be so good. You will lose concentration, you will be slow and sleepy. So, that is not the way how get things done faster. Than is direct opposite. If you do it like that whole week than you are in real mess. You must have enough sleep to be productive. Here we need you to be productive for two jobs not one. So, go to bad earlier and sleep enough.


  1. Be faster

What ever you do try to be faster than before. How do you wake up? Do you jump from your bed in the morning or you turn of alarm and sleep little more? Do you make your coffee slow and you dirnk it for half an hour? Do you walk slow? You should be faster in everything you do except eating, drinking and driving. That is the things which you have to do it slow. But please take a look at yourself how much time do you need in bathroom? How much time do you need to dress yourself? If you will speed up yourself you will feel much hapier than before. Because you will done more things in shorter amount of time.

Use this five ways to get things done faster and you would feel much better and you will be much more productive.

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