How To Stop Worrying About Money

When you don’t have enough money, you probably find yourself frequently thinking about money – maybe you are worried about paying the bills, or being able to buy things for your children. All these worries add up. Money can really affect our mind and mental health and affect our sleep and cause depression. As such, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to raw and original CBD super strength 30% CBD oil to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Money worries are always in the back of your mind, but there are some ways to add side hustles to your life that could help you with adding a little extra money to your monthly income. 


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Firstly, let’s tackle the simple ways to stop stressing out over money, before we talk a little about how to approach a side hustle.

  1. Build a financial safety net – start saving because this is going to greatly assist you! Prepare a retirement planning strategy so that you’ll get ready when you decide to call it quits.
  2. Assess your regular expenses and bank accounts – what are you spending money on? Is it worth it, do you need to reevaluate your bank account? 
  3. Create a Financial Calendar – never miss your bill deadlines or any other important dates for finances going in and out. 
  4. Check Your Interest Rate- this will affect your chance of finance in the future.
  5. Set a Budget for everything, this is vital if you want to keep on top of things. You may want to check out WECU – Cash Management to know how to manage your finances.
  6. Allocate at Least 20% of Any Income Towards Financial Importance – your home, car and things that are going to make your life easier and lifestyle better in every single way. 

If this still isn’t enough for you, you may want to look at some type of side hustle. This basically means earning a little extra money on top of your job income. 

  1. Consult/Coach.
  2. Freelance. 
  3. Cash in on Your Vehicle. 
  4. Sell Items Online. 
  5. Programmer. 
  6. Affiliate Marketing. 
  7. Direct Sell.
  8. Micro Jobs.
  9. Forex Broker. 
  10. Email Marketing for Companies.

If you have some debts you’re worried about, you may get in touch with lending companies like Prosper and ask about the debt consolidation services they offer.

How Does Taxing Work?

You must always declare your earnings for tax purposes, because if you do not and you are ever investigated, it can result in hefty fines that are just not worth it. The tax on a second job is often paid through a BR tax code. BR stands for Basic Rate, which is set at 20% but as long as you keep track of your earnings then it should not be too difficult to figure it all out. If your extra income pushes your total earnings for a year into a higher tax bracket, you will have to pay more tax. However, even if your tax is raised, on average you are still earning a lot more than you did previously. Don’t get yourself into debt

Should I Work Everyday To Earn More And Stop Worrying? 

The answer to this is no. You need to take time off because your brain needs it as does your body. You may not be able to take two days off, but you need to keep at least one full day work-free so you can refresh, not think about work and give yourself a better outlook. When you return to work, you will feel better, and your quality of work will be improved which is going to be beneficial to all. Click here for source link.

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