So your product has gotten past the preliminary stages of development, and the foundations seem to be holding up. But how can you improve your product, so it becomes available to shops, businesses, and online market? The underlying factors are that a product which can be offered to the masses with greater reach must meet the set standards of the day. What’s popular has a lot to do with it, but often you’re trying to compete with businesses which have already pitched their tent and have a good reputation with consumers; not to mention a product which has considerably more testing and development. To truly improve your product in ready for the markets, you need to be innovative and change the features of it, yet still, have the concept remain intact, so it’s different to the competitors.




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Trial and feedback

It’s going to be difficult to let go, but allow outsiders to critique and build upon your product by suggesting innovations in real-time. When you go to test your product, whether you do it online or as part of a survey in the high street, always ask for written feedback. To increase traffic on your website, offer a trial period for your product, with the simple exchange of one’s email address. Not only do potential customers sign up to your website giving your the ability to send them updates in the form of a newsletter to entice them, but you also gain analytical behavior. After the trial ends via an online timer or a coded timer into the trial product, in the end, there should be some form of feedback gathering. This could be in the form of a review and comment or a questionnaire asking what things could be improved.





Penetrating the mainstream

Network marketing is a concept that essentially relies on others to do the legwork for your product and business. Rather than solely relying on advertisements, your business should look to utilize an API Platform. With an API you could get onto businesses scrolling lists which display options for them regarding purchases. With a team of testers and developers, and by collating information of what customers want and the current trends, you should adapt your product to supply the central narrative and therefore stand a better chance of an API system that can interlock your product with customers searches. By appearing on the lists of service-based businesses, you are seen as a credible option and therefore compete directly with your contemporaries. Essentially, you’ll be placed right next to the popular brands with the chance of getting chosen, clicked and explored by customers when they’re looking for a match to their needs.





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Further development

When you’re chosen by customers on third-party websites that offer services, it’s important to establish a rapport with that website. It’s imperative for validation confirmation, you find out why your product was chosen, and by analyzing the contrasting and intricate options presented, the picture appears clearer. Essentially, the API platform will respond to a search or order and bring back the most suitable and fitting option to customers. As to why they eventually chose to buy your product can have multiple reasons. Therefore, work with businesses that display your business and set up a meeting or, a deal that would have them relay reviews and customer preferences that show patterns.


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