Jaw-Droppingly Creative Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns


Most businesses can be pretty dull. They like treading the path well-trodden, doing the things that other companies in their industry have been doing for generations. But other companies are different. They recognize when the traditional marketing strategies aren’t working and resolve to try something different. Often these strategies are so ingenious and successful that they end up turning the tide and winning the company significant market share.


In the advertising world, these alternative tactics are often referred to as guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing refers to anything that promotes a product that is creative and imaginative – and often a little crazy. Here are some of the most creative guerilla marketing ideas ever conceived.


Flash Mobs




Flash mobs might look like they spring out of nowhere, but they normally require weeks of planning. The basic idea is to have a bunch of people show up at a location, do something, and then leave, creating a massive impact on the people watching. The most common thing for a flash mob to do is to dance, but there are all sorts of things that you could have them do to promote your brand.






Another big tactic being used more and more by companies is to use stickers. It’s expensive to get your logo plastered in places where everybody will see it. And so companies are sending out sheets of stickers in their packaging to their customers to put on all their stuff. The locations they choose might not be as prominent, but the hope is that there will be so many stickers in circulation, they’ll reach the same number of eye balls.


Stenciled Graffiti

When it comes to graffiti, people have very specific expectations. They expect it to be ugly and vulgar and not really provide any useful information. This is precisely why stenciled graffiti has become such a powerful guerrilla marketing tactic. Stencils allow businesses to make repeated versions of their logo around town.


                                                                                                               Wikimedia Commons


Domino’s has experienced significant growth in its pizza business over the last few years, thanks to several major changes at the company. Not only did they improve their product and ordering systems, but they’ve also been working hard to improve their advertising as well.


The company has recently been experimenting with a concept it calls “reverse graffiti.” The idea here is to create natural-looking messages simply by removing dirt and grime from the city environment. For instance, the enterprising pizza company got artists to scrub the surface of a road clean to advertise their “American Legends” lineup and Domino’s logo.


Undercover Marketing

Another form of guerrilla marketing is known is undercover marketing. This is where businesses pay actors to disguise themselves among their target audience and subtly influence them to buy the company’s products. This might sound dodgy, but it’s something large enterprises have been doing for a while. Sony, for instance, hired a bunch of people back in 2002 to walk around cities, asking passers-by to take pictures of them. During the interaction, the actors were asked to rave about how good their new Sony cameras were in the hope of influencing people on the street.


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