Nevermind growing a business or starting one, it can be hard to get out of the rut of a mediocre one. So many businesses plateau and become complacent. This leads to sales stagnating and growth being a distant dream. In most of these cases, it’s because the key and fundamental areas of the business are being neglected. There may not be enough opportunities for staff promotion, or it could be the archaic marketing strategy. Whatever it is, you need to pinpoint it and rectify it before you begin a steady decline. Don’t get stuck in a business rut, identify your weaknesses and tackle them… today.







Marketing used to involve lots of cold calls and using the photocopier to produce leaflets. Those days are long gone, and with the advent of social media marketing, it’s well and truly time to move on. If your business isn’t using digital marketing, you won’t get ahead. There are lots of ways you can implement digital marketing. If you want a professional company to provide you digital marketing services you can outsource the work. Otherwise, you can hire a marketing assistant to get you up and running. They’ll need to come up with a marketing strategy detailing how they will increase traffic and, in turn, increase profits. Using the likes of Instagram is a good idea. This allows you to contact hundreds of thousands of potential clients and customers. Similarly adding a blog with SEO content to your site could increase traffic and sales.







You may be neglecting your workforce without even realizing it. If you aren’t providing opportunities for growth to your staff then they will soon look elsewhere. Staff who aren’t challenged, motivated, and see room for growth in a company are more likely to jump ship. This leaves you with a workforce who are complacent and uninspired. Make sure you are providing opportunities for career progression, training, and increased responsibility. Also, make sure that you are rewarding staff for their accomplishments. This is crucial for morale. Your staff are the ones you keep your business going. They are the engine room, so do not neglect them.







If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Wrong! The problem with so many businesses is that they aren’t innovative enough. It isn’t enough to bring your product or service to the market. You have to constantly be criticizing and developing your own work. Otherwise, how do you expect to hold your own against your competitors? People don’t want what they’ve seen before, they want better. It could be a better product or service, or better customer service, or even a better marketing strategy. You need to innovate all areas and aspects of your business to avoid neglecting it.



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