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The fitness industry is booming year by year. Whether you have plans to start an exercise class, set up a gym or freelance as a personal trainer, you’ll need to take the following steps to make your business a reality.

Get qualified

Not everyone can immediately work in the fitness trade. If you want to become a personal trainer, you’ll quite often need some form of personal training qualification to work in a gym (which is where most people collect their first clients). For individual sports, an instructor’s course generally required. Such courses not only teach you the ins and outs of the trade but the health and safety laws that you must abide to.

Insure yourself

Having insurance is important in any active leisure pursuit as your clients are much more likely to get injured. Insurance will help you defend against the unfortunate case of a lawsuit. Shop online to find local insurance agents and quotes for fitness studios, gym instructors, karate and martial arts instructors and yoga teachers. If you’re paying staff, remember that you may also need employer liability insurance.


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Build your brand

If you’re taking over a franchise you’ll already have a brand behind you. However, if you’re creating your own gym or freelancing as a trainer on your own, you’ll need to come up with some kind of branding. Printing off a t-shirt with your name and a logo on could be useful for attracting clients. You may also want to consider printing off business cards and flyers. Online branding is also very important. Create a website for you services, or at the very least a Facebook group which you can promote. Other tactics include starting a fitness blog, making promotional videos and collecting online reviews and testimonials.

Network effectively

You’ll find clients through networking. This means taking advantage of every social occasion, whether it be a local wedding or a trip to the pub. Talking to people at the gym can also get you new clientele. Joining local clubs and groups is also advised. This could be anything from sports clubs to business groups to Facebook community groups. Fitness fairs and events such as local runs and competitions are also worth looking out for.

Offer incentives

Getting your first clients is the hardest step. The more clients you build up, the more testimonials you can gather, which you can put online to increase your credibility. Clients will also tell their friends and neighbours, which could encourage more people to join your club or use your services.

To get those initial clients you’ll need to give people incentives, as you won’t have that client history and reputation behind you. This could involve giving people free taster lessons or training friends at a discount price.

If you have any previous experience in sport you may be able to draw on this. If you’re becoming a personal trainer and have previously done martial arts, you could incorporate this into your training style and make it your USP. You may also be able to specify in areas based off life experience. If you’ve managed mega weight loss or run a marathon, you could market this as your angle. You could help pregnant women exercise if you’re a mother yourself, or help people nurse an injury if you yourself have previously dealt with injuries. Everyone has experience that they can draw on and turn into a selling point to get the ball rolling.

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