Launch Your Successful Digital Product In 5 Easy Steps

The attractions of selling a digital product are obvious. There are no stocking issues and you never run out of space to store it! It can be updated as often as you like with hardly any outlay. This enables you to keep it up to date and relevant for your readers.

Clients like digital products because they are cheap and portable. They can dip into them whenever they want to and can access them easily from wherever they are.

If you are ready to launch your own digital product and start making some money online, here’s how you can do it by following these 5 easy steps.




  • Choose your product


When most people think of digital products they think of ebooks but they are a lot more varied than that. Printable documents are very popular. People don’t always want to carry a laptop or a tablet around with them and want the information available in printable form. Recipes are a typical example. You don’t want to get food ingredients all over your phone. You could start by giving away a few printable products and then package them all together as a product that you charge for.

You can also sell checklists, spreadsheets, and resource sheets and guides. Again, be prepared to give some away to give value to your clients without charging. Then offer a more in-depth product that they have to pay for. You will have whetted their appetite and they will not be able to resist.

If technology is your thing you can sell apps, plug-ins, and programs that help clients out in their work or in everyday life.





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  • Create your product


Try to make it as perfect as you can. Thoroughly proofread all of your text. If you can afford a professional proofreader this is even better. It will reflect badly on you if the product is littered with punctuation and spelling errors. Don’t be in a hurry to publish it. Write it and then walk away for a week. When you look at it again you will be in a better position to judge it objectively.

Most products are distributed a pdf document but write it in a word-processing package, such as Word, and leave it in there until the last possible moment in case you need to make any changes.




  • Sales page and optimization


Make sure that your social media and search engine entry direct readers to your landing page where your product is available. You can get help with ranking highly from and this will bring more traffic to your site. The more people who see your product the more will want to buy it. If your marketing is not working be prepared to change your strategy.





  • Automation


Make your life easier. You can use various programs such as e-Junkie or GoSpaces that will do it all for you. You can make money in your sleep.




  • Product feedback


Get some feedback on how your clients feel about your product so that you can improve it further.



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