Leaving Your Business In The Hands Of An Employee And What You Should Be Looking For

When you’ve got your own business, there’s a chance that at some point you will have to leave the running of your company in the hands of a trusted employee. This might be if you have to go away on a business meeting, or even if you’re going on vacation. Either way, letting your business be run by someone else can be a scary step to take. It’s your livelihood, and you’ve worked hard to get it where it’s at now. In this article are some necessary steps you should be taking if you’re in a position where you need to leave someone else in charge.




Money makes the world go around, especially when it’s yours. Make sure the person that you have trusted the role of taking care of the place has a good sense for money. If you own a shop, for example, you will need to show them how to cash up at the end of the day, how to sort out a float for the following day, and also what to do if the amounts don’t line up.


If you’ve got enough time before you’re heading away, it might be worth sending your employee on a money management course so that you can rest assured that they will be able to take care of the financial side of things while you’re away.


There’s a chance that you have more than one employee within your company, and it’s a good idea to give a promotion to the person that you’re trusting the business with to show your other employees that this person is the one that they should be going to if anything goes wrong while you’re away. This will then create an opportunity for you to create a new position for this person, meaning you can give them more of a workload within your regular day to day business. If you’re giving someone a new and harder role, you should also consider a pay rise for that position to reward them for the new responsibilities that they are taking on





While you’re away you don’t want to be worrying about your place of work being compromised by being left unlocked, or the chance of keys being lost. Consider getting a key safe installed to your workplace so that the key is never taken off property; therefore meaning it won’t be accidentally stolen or lost. To find out more about key safes, read here to see how they could benefit your business https://www.keypersystems.com/products/electronic-key-control/. Once you get a key safe fitted, all you will need to do is give the code to the person that will be opening and locking up at the end of the day.


Make sure that you have security alarms fitted and regularly serviced so that if any break-ins are attempted, the police will be immediately notified. If you live at your place of work (for example, above a bar or restaurant,) then consider asking your trusted employee to stay there for the period that you’re away. A property or business is more likely to be broken into if the thieves know that there is nobody on the premises.


Another aspect of safety that you need to be thinking about, is whether all of your staff have the necessary training on any equipment they will need to use. Give all of your staff the relevant training so that there’s no chance they could hurt themselves due to lack of knowledge. If you don’t have time to train all of your staff, train the supervisor that you’ve appointed so that they know how to do it. If all else fails, don’t allow any use of the machinery while you’re away if they don’t know how to use it.


Keeping Up Appearances

The one thing that you will have to trust all of your staff to do while you’re away, is to keep up the image of the business to the standard that you demonstrate. It’s a good idea to have a meeting before you go away to go through what you expect from each of your employees. Write up a list of things that need to be done while you’re gone so that they have a guideline to work by.


You will also need to explain to your employees who you’re leaving in charge, and that if they make a decision or ask them to perform a task then they must oblige and do the task at hand. This will make the job of your newly appointed supervisor a little easier to step into, especially if they’ve not done anything like this before.


Take a look around the workplace. Is there anything that needs to be done? For example, if you work in an environment that needs to have regular hygiene inspections, check that here and then make sure that the whole place has a deep clean before you leave so that if anyone shows up for a random inspection, you won’t have to worry about any cleaning being missed.




Emergency Contact

If you’re going on vacation, it’s likely that you won’t want to hear anything about work or even think about it. Unfortunately, the downside of owning a business is that you’re never truly off the job. Make sure that everyone has your contact number while you’re away, and get them to call you if there is an emergency. You should have trained your staff well enough to be able to run the business while you’re away, but sometimes things do go wrong unexpectedly.


You could also leave a list of numbers for your supervisor to call for an occasion like the water not working, or a gas leak. This way, the problem can be efficiently sorted without having to call you while you’re away.


Following these four steps when you find yourself having to leave your business in the hands of an employee will ensure that you can head off without having to worry about the integrity of your business. Enjoy your time away from work!


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