I am sure that you have profiles on different media. Right? That is absolutely normal in this days. If you are not on any social media than you just like don’t exist in this world.

Things are pretty changed in last 20 years. Before internet there where no chance for such a things like now this day. We can compare spending time on social media just like drinking coffee or beer with friends before internet in some coffee bar.

Now you can be whole day in coffee bar and chat with different friends all the time. Before internet that was really crazy, but today to be on social media and talk is normal. So, now you know the reason why some companies blocked Facebook for their workers on their computers. That was a short-term help. Now everybody got smart phones and they are on Facebook and other social media on their phones, there is no need for company computer anymore.



If you are in Online marketing or affiliate marketing you have great excuse to be on Social media platforms whole day. So than you can chat whole day and said to yourself: “I am working whole day on Facebook” Do you?

You have to be very careful with Social media, very. Because I am sure that you find yourself in reading other people posts, looking for funny videos and so on. Ok, social media it is for socializing, but if you would like to made a business using social media your socializing with your friends must be moderate and giving content must be top priority for you. Another thing what is important is connecting with new people and building your audience.


Build your audience

Everybody thinks that some successful people have their audience from their beginning of their social media work. Well, they didn’t have in the beginning, just like no body did. They build their own audience and that is what you have to do. Everyday one by one build it and work on it. After some time you will also have big audience on Social Media.

If you will not build you audience than for sure people will not come to you. There is no way! You have to take them sometimes one by one. Sometimes they came like in the truck, but in any case you have to build your audience just like you build a house from the ground up, sometime even from the basement. If you don’t have any idea how to build your audience, than take a look at this program. Just click here and you will learn how to do it!


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