How To Make Your Business Name Pop

People are obsessed with names. Whether it’s a brand of shoes or the newest quirky name a celebrity has named their child, names matter. Coming up with a great business name is going to be so important for your company. Choosing your business name can be harder than naming a child, so many things go into naming a business and it’s more than just pulling a word out of thin air.


If you find yourself lacking in creativity for your business name, don’t just head online for an automated generator to think of the name for you. You want a name that means something to you and makes your company memorable. Your name is the one thing that customers are going to remember above all things. The company name you choose should pop and if your company is one that requires biohazard labels, you will need your brand name to be stamped across those and stand out as much as they do. Before you start looking for brand names, you’ll need to ask yourself several questions about your business, including what it is about you that stands out.



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Base your name around what sets your business apart from the rest of those in your field. Understanding how your company makes people feel goes towards the name you pick. The big brand name companies are always short and sassy and they’re remembered for it. Get as much input as you can from those you’re starting your business with, as their brainstorming can really help you decide on your name.


A strong brand name and logo is so important for your company starting out. Customers need to be know what they are getting and who is giving it. Your brand will improve the recognition of your company and your logo will be on every correspondence that your company has to offer. Something memorable is important here, as this is what your customers will identify with. Your logo and brand name will create trust with your customers. People buy from polished companies and our emotions are affected by the logos we see and businesses should play to that.


How you brand your company will inspire the people who work for you. Employees need more than work to keep them motivated and if they believe that your brand means something, then they are more likely to believe in you. Your company name is what will bring in more business and if this stands out, you can be a winner in your field. The biggest and most profitable companies all have the fact that they are established as a leader of their field. Think about the competition between McDonald’s and Burger King; you likely remember the golden arches more than the King. Word of mouth with your customers and employees is going to be your most valuable marketing tool, so if you ensure that you have a business name that makes sense for your company, you can fly.


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