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If you’ve been paying any attention to marketing movements over the past few years, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a massive growth in eco-friendly companies and environmentally smart marketing tactics. This is because it has never been more pressing that companies act in an environmentally friendly way. Making your own company more environmentally friendly is important for a number of reasons. For one, it’s the right thing to do: the earth is struggling enough without more avoidable damage taking place. Second, consumers are showing a preference for businesses that have solid environmental practices at the core of who they are. When it comes to marketing, there have never been more options to show you’re eco friendly. Here’s how you do it.




Share Relevant Content

You’re just a small business; you are most likely not travelling up to the Arctic to record the impact that climate change is having on local wildlife. But others are, and you can promote their work through your social media channels. Additionally, there are many, many innovative eco-friendly practices popping up all the time. Why not share what’s happening with your followers? You shouldn’t dedicate your entire social media accounts to environmental causes, but throwing in the occasional post will show your potential customers that it’s an issue that’s close to your heart, and, by doing this, you’ll be making the environment part of your brand.


Promote Your Eco Friendly Products

If you’re in the ecommerce business, it becomes a little bit more difficult to be completely eco-friendly. To begin with, eco neutral products can be expensive to make, and there are very few stores that can get by selling only these types of products. So you don’t have to feel too bad if in amongst your range of products there are a few products that aren’t 100% earth friendly. You’re still doing your bit. You should, however, make an effort to stock eco-friendly products. They won’t be your bread and butter, but it’s important to offer them nonetheless. And then, once they’re in stock, you can actively promote them, and especially by making the most of their USP: that they’re not damaging the earth.


Say It With Your Branding

If you want to grow, then you need to have promotional materials that you can give out at events, online, or as extra giveaways when someone uses your service. Whatever it is you want to give out, there’ll be earth friendly options that can ensure you’re staying true to your core ethos. These are particularly good at trade events. Set up a stall with your environmental message at the front and centre and then hand out your earth neutral promotional items: no one will be able to question your commitment to the cause!




Partner with Environmental Causes

It’s asking a lot for you to make a real impact on any given environmental cause. You’re a business, not a call for change. You can do what you can when you can, but ultimately it’s up to other organisations to lead the charge. You can still contribute, however, by partnering with the environmental causes that are doing such great work. Depending on what your business is, this might be sponsoring through cash, offering services, or offering anything else that you’re able to contribute. This is mutually beneficial, of course: they get help furthering their message, and you can get all the great exposure that comes from partnering with an agency that people identify as doing great work.


Go Paperless

Your pro-environment cause will be severely undermined if you talk a big game only to turn around the send excessive amount of marketing through the post. Make it your mission to go paperless, which is just about the bare minimum that every company should be doing anyway. It’s easy to take away your marketing from paper format: newsletters and social media should be more than enough to get your word out without having to fire up the printer. If it’s absolutely unavoidable that you send something through the post (and at some stage, to be fair, it probably will be), then make sure the paper comes from a non-damaging source.


Blogging for the Environment

Your environmental championing can also be used in your blog. While your blog should serve to promote your business, it’s still possible to pepper it with an environmental message running throughout. For example, if there’s an event celebrating environmental causes, that’s a great opportunity to write a blog and promote the event and your business. Similarly, creating a blog that outlines how people are able to be more environmentally friendly – ideally using your products/services – will gain a lot of traction and also be genuinely useful information: which is exactly what you want from your blog.


Be Proud Of What You Do

If you’re doing your best to ensure that your company has the environment right at the core of its being, then be proud of that. There’s no need to be modest: shout it from the rooftops. Ultimately, you’re doing these things for the cause, but it’s really important that you get the word out about how your company is doing things differently. While many businesses run the risk of being annoying, for lack of better word, when it comes to self-promotion, your cause is one that’s popular at the moment. People like reading about and supporting environmental causes.


Don’t Just Talk

Like everything else in life, it’s not enough to just talk the talk: you must walk the walk. Create a facade of being environmentally friendly and you’ll soon be found out. You can just adopt this philosophy just because it’s popular at the moment. Make the environment run through everything you do. In the office, when there’s no PR or marketing factors to concern yourself with, you should still be doing everything you can to be eco-friendly. Ultimately, if it’s built into the DNA of your company then it’ll come through naturally – and that’s just what potential customers want to see in a company, too.


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