Some people say that no Internet is better than slow Internet. Is it true? Well, a strong case could be made. If your Internet connection is so slow that it’s going to take an age to do anything – if you can do anything at all – then it can certainly feel this way. After all, if it’s too slow to accomplish anything, then it might as well be non-existent so as to save you the frustration of even trying, right?



In any case, slow Internet at the office is certainly on the list of “last things you need” when it comes to business efficiency. Oddly enough, a lot of business owners seem to not take any action when it comes to this problem. It’s as though they think there’s nothing that can be done, or that divine intervention is going to fix things.


Don’t make your employees suffer with slow Internet. Boost business efficiency with these speed-improving tips.







Get the experts in

The best course of action might be to work with IT consultants in order to ensure that there aren’t any hardware problems afoot in your office. Businesses like Qoverage can help you ensure that you’re getting as much power from your Internet connection as you should be. There are several problems potential problems that could be affecting your router or antennas that will need investigating. Some of the wireless cards in your computers may be acting up, also. (This is why you may want to put a bit more reliance on wired setups instead of exclusively wireless setups!)





Limit streaming

Yes, I know; some people can do work perfectly well while listening to music. And some workers, such as illustrators, may even find no problem watching YouTube videos as they work. But having an office filled with employees using music and video streaming services just eats away at your bandwidth. Consider telling your employees that you’re happy for them to enjoy these things to a reasonable degree, but that they should find offline ways of enjoying it. Streaming services like Tidal offer offline modes. Perhaps people could even – shock! horror! – buy music and have digital copies on their computer and MP3 player.








Ensure the connection is protected

I’ve worked in at least two offices with slow Internet problems which, upon investigation, turned out to be largely the cause of a lot of people nearby using the connection because it wasn’t adequately protected. Don’t assume that not having a password for your Wi-Fi connection makes it much simpler for everyone in the office; you don’t want to end up sharing that precious bandwidth with people in nearby buildings, or even random passers-by. (This can also result in data breaches and your network being infected with malware, by the way!)





Contact your ISP

If nothing else is working, you’ll need to get in touch with your Internet service provider. This isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world, but it may be the only way to get the issue fixed. If your package simply isn’t powerful enough, then consider getting an upgrade. You don’t want to be cheap when it comes to your Internet connection!





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