Your Office Is Speaking, Are You Listening?


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What does your business address say about your company? Hopefully, it says that you are running a modern business, ready to compete and prepared for the challenges of the typical client. Perhaps it also suggests a contemporary outlook and an innovative approach to the market as a whole? Is this the type of impression your business address generates? It’s entirely possible that it’s the exact opposite with a company that looks out of date and completely unprepared for the hurdles ahead. To make the necessary changes to your business address and deliver the right impression, we first need to understand the areas that clients pay attention to.



Marketing Materials



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You probably will be using some marketing materials around your business address. This could include flyers, banners, signs or perhaps even a flag jutting out the side of the building. This will depend on personal preference and what you think will be most effective for your company. For instance, if your business is fairly isolated, you might want to use a flag to attract people from far away and increase foot traffic.


However, the main factor to consider about marketing materials is whether or not they are stylish and look attractive. If they look dull, dreary or poorly maintained, this is the first impression that customers are going to receive from your company. So, add a little color, try some vibrant designs and if you’re going to use these types of materials be bold. Otherwise, what’s the point?




The exterior of your property is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the impression that customers receive of your business. We’ve already talked about the possible marketing materials but what about general levels of maintenance? Cracked asphalt on the parking lot and paint that has faded across car spaces is sure to give the wrong impression. It’s easy to fix these issues too with an asphalt paving contractor and its certainly not the only problem with maintenance. You might have windows that have seen better days. It is worth giving them a thorough clean every so often, ensuring that they glisten in the sun.



Behind The Doors



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Of course, the exterior of the building doesn’t minimize the importance of a great looking office once clients walk through the doors. You need to avoid papers being strewn all over the place, muddy floors and a general state of disarray. There is the argument that madness breeds brilliance, but that won’t matter to clients when they’re wondering how their projects will be handled. For many, this argument won’t be enough to get them to sign on the dotted line.



How Long?

Finally, it’s crucial that you don’t leave people waiting at your business. This suggests that the company is a) understaffed and b) poorly managed. Neither will be useful for a company looking to maximize their potential on the market. Remember, before the first handshake, clients are already starting to decide whether they want to use your services. It’s the little details that matter the most here.



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