Big companies

You know that big companies invest a lot of money in creating a brand. They even have a Team of People which working on Branding. Most of those brands are recognized by logo. So, I am sure that you know Nike logo, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and so on. This big companies can very easy work on their brand because they invest a lot of money in branding. You maybe don’t have so much money for creating a logo brand, but there is some other thing which you can do very easy and that is creating personal brand.



You can see that this internet is really excellent because it offers you something what was before impossible. Now you can creat your own personal brand on internet. Not only that you can create it, it is much better than to start branding some logo which your company have. Why? Reason is very simple. Nobody wants to talk with logo, no body. This days are gone. I mean there will be always this huge companies which promote their logo everywhere, but on internet that is not good strategy. Special if you don’t have millions on account for marketing.


People to people

We can thanks to Social media platforms for that fantastic change. Because on Social media people only wants to talk with other people who they can see. When somebody is hiding behind logo i last day no one even wants to add him as a friend or to talk with him. That is why classic logo story losing power and battle with personal brand.
Good thing is that you can with small budget and more activities on social media create excellent personal brand on internet. You can talk with people , have fun, socialize and do what everybody is doing on Social media, but in the same time you can create your personal brand.

If you ever think about how to start that process with personal branding and creating your own business online. If that is new to you, than you can press here on this link and connect to learning platform which will help you to start this fantastic journey. 


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