Is your business struggling to generate the leads you need to progress? If so, you are not alone. It’s one of the biggest sticking points in business growth that affects many different firms in all types of industry. For network marketers, however, it’s especially critical. Your entire business model is based on reaching out to as many people as possible, and once new prospects start to dry up, it can lead to stagnation. Or, unfortunately, complete and utter failure. Let’s take a closer look at some quickfire methods of generating more leads.




Focus on your customer service

There are many new and wonderful ways of marketing your business. But make no mistake, it’s the time-honored tradition of word of mouth that is still the number one way of bringing red hot leads straight to your door. And the only way to get people talking about you in a positive way is by providing them with exceptional service. Map out your customer’s journey, and look at ways of improving their experience. There will be many roadblocks on the way where people drop off the funnel, so address these issues, fast. You might work with a contact center consulting service to target areas where your call center is failing, for example. You could hire a UX expert to work out where people are leaving your website. Or it could just be that your product is unsuitable for your target market. Get things right, and your lead generation will explode – all thanks to your customers singing your praises.


Utilize your website

The next step is to use your site in a more efficient way. I would like to think you are intelligent enough to have a blog already – but are you putting it to good use? You can start by creating a regular newsletter to send out to your customers – and attract more. Share your insights, point people in the direction of your best blog posts, and give them industry news. You can also use ebooks to generate more leads. All you need to do is look at your most popular blog posts, create an ebook and offer it for free. If you can give prospective customers something for nothing, many will hand over their details without a second thought.




Start a series of webinars

Webinars are cheap and easy – and they can also act as a fantastic magnet for leads. Plus, if you hold recurring events, you will find that your subscriber lists grow exponentially over time. You can also use your webinar to get more people visiting your website, sales pages, and even sell them bonus products. As long as you give them great information and present in an engaging way, webinars can generate a lot of finely tuned leads.


Lose the tire kickers

Every lead you generate comes at a cost to your business, whether it’s through word of mouth or making improvements to your SEO. It makes sense, then, to start making sure your efforts are attracting the right people. You have to make sure that your product or service answers a direct, immediate need – and make sure your marketing explains it straight away. Develop your unique selling point – or USP – to refine your audience further.

I hope these ideas will enable you to get some quick wins. Feel free to leave some more in the comments section!


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