The manufacturing sector is one of the biggest sectors around. That’s why it’s important to tackle a very big and common issue: energy waste in manufacturing. It’s not only the environment you have to consider: it’s the costs associated with energy waste. After all, environmental practices and saving money often go hand in hand. So if you’re wasting energy, you’re not only contributing to environmental damage, but you’re also negatively affecting your bottom line. Your business is inefficient if its energy input doesn’t result in a commensurate product or service output.


When you reduce energy waste in manufacturing, you increase profits. So how should you go about it?



What other businesses are doing

Some of the most successful companies in the world are taking environmental action that reduces energy waste. It’s not the case that small companies get left behind because they care too much about the environment. In fact, it can help you get ahead, and you’ll be in very successful company as you do so.






Common problem areas

If you have equipment that isn’t working as well as it used to, then that’s going to be a major source of energy waste. Most of the time, machines that have degraded in quality won’t be using less energy despite their output being lower. It could be as simple as replacing the equipment. This, however, can be very costly. Even if it slows down production for a while, you should get the equipment fixed. If it’s not working at full capacity, then energy is going to be wasted in alarming amounts.


Of course, sometimes it is worth replacing a system completely, or even getting a new one installed that performs an entirely new function – even if that seems to increase your overall energy usage, at first. Let’s consider another element common in manufacturing: water. When you waste water, you waste energy. Recovering water with an industrial reverse osmosis system will cost some energy, but it will be made up in the amount of water saved (and the reduction of the associated energy waste).






Getting audited

No, I don’t mean getting audited by the IRS because of tax problems. Nor am I talking about audits in a negative manner, which is how a lot of people think about audits. An audit is simply an inspection, and they’re usually undertaken so you can find better ways of doing things. With this in mind, an energy audit can be a powerful thing for your business.


An energy audit sees the entire process of your manufacturing business being reviewed. If there’s a problem that’s resulting in energy waste, it will be found. If there’s a way to improve energy usage, it will be outlined to use. When you have all of this data, you’ll be able to take some serious steps towards improving your energy use in your factory. While an energy audit isn’t exactly free, getting one can save you a lot of money in the long run. After all, you should never underestimate the long-termcosts of energy waste in manufacturing.


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