The Secrets Of A Happy Workplace


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Running a small business necessitates that you have all sorts of different skills. First of all, you need to have a great deal of initiative and drive. Setting up your own company is not easy to do, and lots of people find it too difficult and give up. The world of business is populated by the people who did not give up and who managed to persevere in the face of challenging circumstances. Self-discipline is also a crucial trait because every entrepreneur will have lots of stresses and will sometimes be tempted to make a decision that would make their life easier but which would not help the business. Resisting this urge will also be important. Being able to understand and evaluate numbers is obviously paramount too. It is not just figuring out the difference between your income and your overheads that you have to worry about though. If you do not take care of your taxes, you could put your business and your livelihood in jeopardy. You also need to be able to lead. When you take on employees, the contract will stipulate that each of the parties will give something to the other. In the case of the employee, they are offering their time, experience and skill. In return, you have to ensure that you offer them not only a wage, but lots of other things besides. For instance, they will have a reasonable expectation that they will not be fired without cause and that while at work, they can expect to be able to work in safety, both physically and in terms of their psychological health. Amongst the most important qualities that a small business owner must have is the ability to keep their employees happy. Here are a few ways of doing that:



There are a few legally enforced things you have to do to make sure your employees are comfortable at work. Amongst these is the need to ensure that the bathrooms at your office are appropriately fitted out. This obviously includes having bathrooms for both men and women, irrespective of whether you only employ either men or women. If your office receives visitors and you do not have Sanitary bins, for instance, you could be breaking the law. As an employer, it is also your legal responsibility to ensure that there are enough toilets to prevent long lines forming and that your workers are allowed to use the bathroom facilities when they need to.



Otherwise, the things that contribute to a happy, productive office have to do with the design of the place itself. If you use a bright, refreshing colour scheme and let in lots of light, you will be able to promote a happier atmosphere. Investing in chairs that offer support to your employees when they are sitting is good too. In fact, since research shows that Americans sit for an average of 13 hours a day and that several studies demonstrate that sitting for extended periods of time increases your chance of developing a variety of diseases, you may want to think about standing desks.


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