Does Your Small Business Need Tech Support?

Tech support is such a wide umbrella term that it’s somewhat lost its meaning among business professionals. Technology itself can comprise of a lot of different factors, so it’s only natural for beginners and new business owners to be confused at its meaning.

Let’s clear this up first: technology should be seen as tools, actions and knowledge that can be used to improve your business. We use technology to improve our daily lives, run our businesses and reach our dreams. The use of spreadsheets can be seen as applying technology, but so can driving a vehicle. It’s the scientific and creative knowledge that great minds put together which allows us to create wonderful new pieces of technology, and we use those tools that create in order to improve our lifestyle.

So when exactly do you need tech support? Here are a couple of crucial situations that every business should be concerned about.



Upgrading hardware

A small business will typically have very few computers. This is because they don’t need very powerful hardware or software to run a business and they probably don’t have many employees. However, those budget PCs and home network devices need to be replaced eventually. Using a simple network router isn’t going to cut it when you have more than a dozen computers, and the hardware required eventually needs to be replaced. This is because hardware with moving parts, such as hard drives, can easily fail and you might lose all the information due to a defect. In addition, more demanding tasks, such as video editing, audio production and data analysis will need more powerful computers.

Most small businesses don’t have IT departments which is why it’s important to contact companies such as in order to get the IT support that you need. They’ll help you upgrade your business hardware, monitor the current health of your network, and even suggest future improvements to increase your business’s efficiency.

Securing your data

A pressing issue for all businesses is the protection of customer information. There have been countless security breaches in the past that have compromised private photos, sensitive information like credit card information, and even phone numbers and addresses. Hackers break into large information banks and they distribute this data or sell it for a low price in order to make money.

To protect yourself from these threats, you need to have a specialised IT security professional provide you data protection and monitor your network. This is typically done with a mix of software tools such as antivirus and spam blockers, and hardware tools such as a hardware firewall. However, this is typically only an issue for larger corporations that house a lot of important data, as most small businesses use things such as cloud storage to keep all of their business critical data.


To conclude, most small businesses don’t need tech support until later on when their business grows, but it never hurts to be prepared for all future incidents that could occur. 

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