In the Stationery Closet: Keeping Your Office Stocked

Offices might be getting more digital all the time, but there are still many supplies that people need to use regularly. From paper and pens to sticky notes, not everything is done on a computer. And even when something is digital, it often needs to be printed out and photocopied. Some of these tools might not be completely essential, but it’s still a pain when they run out. Keeping your office supplies well stocked will ensure that no one is inconvenienced, especially at times like just before a big meeting. Use the following tricks to keep your stationery closet stocked all the time.

Know What Your Office Needs

Firstly, you need to know what your office requires to keep going. Every office is different, so it’s important to ask your employees what they need. To some, pencils and pens could be next to useless. Your employees may benefit from sign holder stands and may increase their productivity, read more – A4 sign holder stand supplier. Many offices will need a steady supply of ink cartridges, but others will try to do as much as they can digitally and avoid too much printing. Take a look at what the people in your office use now, but don’t let that limit you. You should also explore any other supplies that might be useful, and get rid of the things that are useless. Ask for feedback from your staff to work out what’s what. Get the sydney photocopier lease if needed.



Keep an Inventory

An organized inventory will help you to know what you currently have in the office and when you need to buy new supplies. Taking stock should be the first step, so you know what you have and how much. Keeping track of office supplies can be hard, especially when people can take what they want whenever they want. Limiting access to the supply closet can be a good idea. You should try enforcing a policy that anyone who takes something needs to make a note of what they have taken, whether only a few people have access or anyone does. This can be done manually or using inventory software.

Outsource Your Inventory

For some larger companies, keeping track of your office supplies isn’t easy. If you have a lot coming in and out and a variety of supplies to watch over, it might prove difficult to stay on top of it all. Outsourcing could be the answer to your problems if you want to simplify things. You can use an inventory control vendor, who can watch over your office supplies and replenish them when it’s needed.

Take a Green Approach

Office supplies can have a tendency to be not particularly eco-friendly. They are often disposable items, from plastic pens to paper. If you want to be a green business, you should rethink this. You can also recycle metals or items containing metal that you don’t need anymore. For the best scrap copper dealer Sydney prices, you can sell it at Austick Copper Recycling. There are several ways to make your office supplies greener. And to save money, you can browse the Shoppok market to see if they have some office supplies for sale. For example, you can buy more robust pens that can be refilled. You can use recycled paper for your printers and notebooks. It’s also possible to get remanufactured ink cartridges instead of buying new ones.

Make sure your stationery supply closet is stocked all the time by staying organized. An organized inventory is easier to maintain.

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