Appearance Is Everything: The Importance Of Displays In Retail


When you sell products to customers, your presentation is a key factor. One of the most significant parts of this is having well-organized displays to attract customers and show off your products. Retail stores with unorganised or messy displays are more likely to turn customers away.

Exterior and interior displays should be carefully managed. They can help with marketing, organisation, and company image. If you run a retail business, here are some of the reasons you should take special care when it comes to displays.

Attractive Storefronts Entice Customers

When running any kind of store, your exterior display is what will attract the most customers. Making it clear to passersby what you have on offer is what will entice them. If you’re walking down the street thinking of getting lunch and see some delicious cakes in a cafe window, you’re much more likely to head inside!

Creating an attractive storefront starts with your sign. A FedEx survey discovered that a whopping 76% of consumers entered a store for the first time based purely on its sign. Not only that but 60% of people said they’d be much less likely to enter a store with poor signage. Be sure to design an eye-catching sign that displays your business name and logo. It helps with branding as well as enticing customers.

Window displays are also significant. Fashion stores in particular often make use of visual merchandising to show what they have on offer. But showing off your best products in the window works whether you’re selling food, electronics or anything else. Promotion signs and interesting vinyl floor graphics should also be displayed on your storefront to attract customers.

Interior Displays Help Customers Shop


Have you ever been at a supermarket and been unable to navigate the aisles to get what you need? That’s why interior displays are important. Setting up your stock in a way that looks good and is practical means customers will be more likely to purchase.

Pick the right kind of displays to show your products. Bakeries will need refrigerated glass cabinets to show off their pastries. Carefully planned shelves are used in a variety of stores. Cabinets with heavy duty drawer runners can help with displays as well as storing stock. You can often get these custom designed for your purposes, cardboard display stands that can be custom made for your store’s needs.

If it’s easy to browse through your products, customers will be more likely to make a purchase. Use the right kind of displays for whatever you’re selling.

Store Appearance Can Create A Positive Experience

The way your store looks can also be helpful. Customers don’t want to shop in a store that looks messy or rundown.

Be sure to create the right store interior to drive up sales. Many business owners employ an interior decorator to spruce up their premises. Using bright and positive colours can make customers spend more time inside your store.

Maintaining a clean store is also crucial. Customers will often be turned away by mess or dirt on the floors. Unhygienic premises can also ruin your reputation. Hire a cleaner to ensure your store is kept pristine at all times.

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