Virtual Biz: A Guide To Modern Sales Tactics

Over the past few years, the ecommerce sector has come a long way. Today, ecommerce is one of the most popular selling platforms for businesses, which means that there is now more competition than ever before. The majority of businesses that sell purely online are startups, aside from the likes of fashion retailing giants like ASOS. The competition when it comes to online selling is fierce, there’s no doubt about that, which is why understanding how to effectively utilize modern sales tactics is more vital than ever before. To ensure that you are well equipped to take advantage of modern sales tactics and make a success of your virtual business, below are some tips that are worth taking note of.




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Your website isn’t enough

An incredible website that’s professionally designed, SEO optimized, and easy to use and navigate isn’t enough. There’s a common misconception that when it comes to making business sales a professionally designed website is enough, but actually, an ecommerce store is also vital. This can be attached to your website or separate from it – the store type you have doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you have a specialist ecommerce store for your brand. This could be a custom designed store, or it could be an Etsy or Prestashop store – all that matters is that your business has an online store attached to it.





Monetize mobile sales

Having an ecommerce store is all well and good, but what’s even more vital is monetizing it. Far too many business owners fail to monetize their ecommerce stores, making the mistake of presuming that once they are set up, they will monetize themselves. To earn from your online store and ensure that it’s as profitable as possible, take it mobile. 80% of the time internet users go online via their smartphones or tablets, which means that to be successful, businesses need to ensure that their ecommerce store is available in app form. The cost of creating an app can be high. However, the cost will depend on the type of ecommerce store your business uses and what features are required to be included in the design. Take Prestashop apps, for example, creating a mobile app for a Prestashop e-store can be a simple and cost-effective process. Whereas, building an app for a custom made ecommerce store can be a complex and more expensive process.





Focus on inbound marketing

Outbound marketing is old news; it’s nowhere near as successful as inbound marketing, which is why the majority of businesses choose to focus on this marketing method. Inbound marketing can be a highly effective method of increasing sales and growing your customer base. To increase your sales, using content marketing, social media posting, emails, and calls to action is key – these are all effective inbound marketing techniques that are also budget-friendly, which is what makes them so popular.



There you have it, a guide to modern sales tactics for virtual business sales success. To ensure that your ecommerce store is as profitable as possible, utilize the tips and ideas above.




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