Being a leader is an objective task because how you choose to lead is personal. However, what all leaders have in common, or should have is the ability to set a good example. Quite simply, you have to be ready to show the people underneath you how they should act. And to do this, you want them to follow the example you set. There is a glitch, though: leading by example isn’t as easy as it sounds. Let’s face it, rocking up and knocking it out of the park is not going to happen straight away. Therefore, the key is to play the long game and let your qualities show over time.


Below are the traits you want people to see when you are the boss.




Roll Up Your Sleeves

One of the advantages of being the boss is being able to sit back and delegate to others. Although delegation is a useful tactic in lots of circumstances, there are times when it doesn’t work. Take the most tedious job in the office as an example. It is easy for you to swing the rota so that everyone in the office has to do it other than you. But, this doesn’t show the workforce that you are prepared to get your hands dirty, so why should they? Every now and again, make sure you pull your weight by slumming it with everyone else. That way, they will respect you as a leader.




Revolutionize The Office

Great bosses lead by example, but only when their employees can see them in the first place. Otherwise, your actions will go unnoticed and no one will care. With that in mind, it’s vital that the workspace is open enough for everyone to see you working hard. This should create a collaborative workspace where everyone helps and shares information. A tip: opt for an open structure where your office is in full view.




Acknowledge Failure

Every boss on the planet recognizes success, yet failure gets a different response. Sometimes, it is necessary to throw the book at the individuals that aren’t doing the work. However, for the most part, a mistake is a simple error which comes from a good place. Therefore, screaming and yelling at a person shows you to be a person that expects perfection, and that is unrealistic. Rather than yelling, try acknowledging where they went wrong and why. Then, they can learn from their mistakes and become a better worker, and you can show the office you care about their progression.




Get Results

Regardless of the tools you use, nothing is more important than getting results. Quite simply, your resume needs validating as subordinates love nothing more than an incompetent boss. The only way to make them respect your credentials is to do right by the business. So, if there is an issue that needs solving, fix it as soon as possible. Once they start to see results, they will respect and follow your example no matter what.



Hopefully, these tips will show you to be the leader everyone needs.




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