Walk around the marketing department of any business, and you’re bound to find a selection of Adobe products. Nearly all of them relate to design in some form and they appear to be increasing in quantity all the time.

It’s no secret that packages like Photoshop have become some of the most popular software offerings on the market. But, with the amount of choice available for businesses these days, it can be hard to determine the best fit. What exactly is the difference between Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, and do you need them all? That’s what we’re going to answer.



If you’ve only ever heard of one program on this list, I’m willing to bet it’s Adobe Photoshop. This software package has become somewhat of a necessity for marketers and designers over the years. Originally, it was used for retouching creating and editing images. Nowadays, it’s a much more powerful tool with all sorts of advanced possibilities. Ultimately, most marketers and designers use it to get the most out of their images.


It isn’t easy to learn, and that’s why websites like trainingconnection.com offer training packages for it. Despite its advanced nature, it’s seen as crucial by many companies that are more than willing to fork out the expense for it.



Has your company decided to start publishing its own magazine? Maybe you’re creating a book, or you’re developing an elaborate company newsletter? Then, InDesign might well be for you. InDesign was made to layout text, allowing you to create the perfect style for your needs.

As with most Adobe programs, InDesign lets you import templates from places like stockindesign.com. This might just enhance your design further, allowing you more potential to create something that stands out.


Keep in mind, however, that InDesign is not a software program for editing images. This is all about the layout, so you’ll need something else for image purposes.



On first glance, you might struggle to see any differences between Photoshop and Illustrator. However, both packages are used for different causes. The reason for this is that Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program. What does that mean? When you create something, the image can be scaled to your specifications without losing any quality whatsoever. Whether it’s a business card or a gigantic building poster, it has you covered.


I bet you can imagine what Illustrator is often used for, right? Logos. When your business needs to craft a logo-based design, Illustrator is a great way to do it without losing quality. It’s useful for other purposes like trademark design and creating invitations, too. Think of it as a complement to Adobe Photoshop, rather than an outright replacement.


Do I Need Them All?

Ultimately, it depends on the type of work that you’ll be carrying out. A lot of companies look to Photoshop as they do a lot of image work. But, InDesign might just be crucial if you want to work with layouts. And, unless someone else designs logos and other vector images for you, Illustrator is also important. They all serve different purposes, so think carefully about your decision!


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