4 Important Tips To Kick Off Your New Business Right

Starting a small business from home is a big deal. A lot of work goes into getting a new business off the ground and all business owners will know how hard it is to get going. Almost half of all new businesses fail from the start, and this is usually because something is lacking in the way the business is set up. There are many factors that go into owning your own business, and while it may feel like a dream to do so, you have a lot of things to consider before you get started. Working for yourself will seem like an ideal solution when you’re tired of working for someone else, but most people are really unprepared for the time, money and research that really goes into beginning your own business.


So, what do you need to prepare yourself for when going into business for yourself?



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If you think it’s difficult to work for 8 hours a day in the office, brace yourself. Working your own business and company takes up far more than eight hours a day, five days a week. Having the significant amount of time that you need to be able to nurture and grow a small, new business is often a stumbling block for those starting out. As time is such a hindrance to new business owners, hiring staff to assist is one of the biggest priorities. This isn’t just staff to join your company and work for you to help you get on top of it all, but the companies you may use outside to help. Accounting companies to assist with finance, companies like ad5.ca who can help you deal with your online marketing and search engine optimisation – these companies can take time off your hands to make life easier for you. Your time as a business owner is precious; use it wisely!





A necessary commodity for a new business, money is absolutely important. When you are drawing up your business plan, you should have an idea of how much money you will need and where it will all go. You also should have a profit and loss plan so that you will understand exactly how much money you’ll earn over the lifecycle of your business. Basic expenses, even working from home, are digital technologies and programmes to help you to manage your advertising. You need capital for your website, business cards, stationery, seed money for networking events – you name it, you need money for it!




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There is no magic formula to make a new business successful. Just because you have started your company, this doesn’t mean you are going to be an overnight success. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into a new company, and it takes a healthy level of patience to know that while you’re laying the groundwork, you may not be a soaring success. Drive and ambition are often not the only things you will need for a successful start. Don’t have any huge expectations of turning a profit immediately and don’t be surprised if at the start, you find yourself with less money than you expected. You have to spend money to make money! You will make mistakes, and while these are frustrating to deal with, it’s part of the learning that comes with new business ownership. It’s also important to remember that when you are the boss, life can get a little boring! You’re accountable for everything now, which is a lot of pressure. Have patience and all your hard work will pay off.




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Part of owning your own business is the research you must undertake. There’s a lot to be seen and if you aren’t reading the right things, you can find yourself left behind in your field. Your idea for your business doesn’t have the be unique to be successful – as long as there is the correct demand for what you can offer you can turn a profit on it. However, when you start your company you should do as much research as possible into what your competitors are doing – they will be your benchmark into understanding how to do things well. You need to learn whether you are required to have certain licences or insurances and you’ll need to place yourself in your industry so you know exactly what will be expected and demanded of you. Your company can soar, but if you haven’t done the right research all you will have managed to do is open – not profit.



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