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Lot of people who get in the Network Marketing are employers who work from 9-5. So, they have employee mindset. This is nothing wrong or bad, but to be successful in any business you must have business mindset. That means that you have to think like a business person thinks.

Here is the 5 ways how to switch your mind to business mindset.



1. Learn to work for free
Now you probably work for a paycheck and wait end of the month for it. What ever you do on your work is paid on the end of the month. Do you work hard or not hard you still get the money. To have business mindset you have to learn how to work for free, like the most business person do it. Business persons first invest money and time and then work for free whole day, usually until very late at night. They don’t think about paycheck and relaxing afternoon in front of TV with six-pack of beer. They don’t even count hours how many hours they worked. They work for free, so later on they could had much more than just a paycheck.


2. Taking the risk
Start taking the risks I don’t mean by that to risk your life or do something like that. I mean that you should start taking business risks. If you something like than it is good to invest, and then do it. Invest a little. If you  lose the money, that’s ok. Next time you will gain some money on investment. I don’t mean on lottery or casino investments I mean on any other business investment.


3. Read books
Did you know that most of the people who finished college never read a meaningful book in their lives? Business persons read, searching for a new ways or new thing. Looking how others did what they are trying to do. To have business mindset in Network Marketing it is easy you just have to read and listen to people who already done this business. That means that you have to start reading books. If you are in MLM business start with this book. Go Pro from Eric Worrie. There is a lot of different books which talks about MLM business. Read at least ten pages per day and you will read minimum one book per month. That means that you will read 12 books per year and in five years you will read 60 business books. Thrust me that will change your mindset for sure!



4. Open for opportunities
Be Open minded. Take a look at the opportunities, take a look what is offering to you. Why? To start creating your business mindset. Employee mindset is closed, they don’t look at any opportunity, they are not interested in any kind of business. In nothing. When you will check the opportunities you will start to think like a business person. You don’t have to take every opportunity, but check it.     Take  a look at it, think about it.


5. Start to think big
You don’t have to be rich to think big. But you have to think big to be rich. Very simple, if you don’t think big there is no way to be big. Employee mindset is a small mindset, they don’t think big and they don’t think on the big things. Most of the time they think they cannot be  or do anything. So, shoot to the moon and if you miss you will land on the stars. If you do not even try to go to the moon there is no chance for anything. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to think big. You should be proud on your big dreams. Most of the people don’t think big they are small thinkers and they live small lives.

So, think big and have a big life!!

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Hrvoje Horvat

skype: hrvojeh75


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