Do you know how Rocky movie was made it?

Just don'tWhat have together Rocky movie and Network Marketing? A lot and you will find out that if you will continue to reading this post.

Three most important word in MLM is. JUST DON’T QUIT! So, you can do what ever you want to do in Network Marketing but, just don’t quit.

You will not believe it but same thing is in any business. Here is one story which you will like and maybe some of you don’t know it.

Did you ever watch a movie Rocky with Sylvester Stallone? Probably you did. How this movie was made it?

Stallone always want to be an actor. He didn’t like the idea to do some other job, because this other job would take his focus from acting career. Well, to be an actor and successful one it was never easy. So, Stallone was poor guy with his attitude. He even sold his wife jewelry to have enough money for food. What was not a good idea!

Since he likes to write and write screenplays from time to time to make some money. Stallone was one day inspired when he watched boxing match from Wepner vs Ali, and in 24 hours he write whole script for Rocky movie.

His idea was that he will acting in this movie. He start to offering his script to produces and Stallone was rejected enormous number of times. That was going on for months.

Finally one producer said ok, I will buy Rocky script from you and pay to you 125.000$ for it, but you will not act in this movie. Somebody else will be the actor. Stallone even very poor in that time refused this offer and said that he want to act in this movie as a Rocky.

He was so poor that he decide to sell his best friend, his dog. Near liquor store he find a buyer for his dog and he sell his dog for a 50$ to have enough money for food.

In the mean time producer which liked the story contact Stallone and tell him that now he will offer him only 25.000$ for the script if he want’s to act in the movie, he must take the part of responsibility.

First thing what he did with his money he was going to buy back his dog friend. He wait for a three days near liquor store to show up new owner of his dog and offered to him 150$ to buy it back. Guy refused, Stallone offered 1500$, guy refused. Final price that Stallone paid for his dog was 15.000$ and guy wanted a role in the movie. So, in Rocky movie you can see that guy and the dog.

Other part of the story you know Rocky won the Oscar and since than Stallone was never poor. But if he quit in hard times, he will never be today where he is now. So, the lesson is very clear  for your Network Marketing business.



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