How to answer on question: “Is this another pyramid?” You will not believe it but still there is such a questions.

Let me explain the basics. What is Pyramid? Except those one a in Egypt, lot of people claim that Network Marketing is Pyramid.

In their heads that means that they will work for others, or even they will work and others will take the money. What is not a normal business where you have your own company and you are on top of the pyramid. 

Classic business is Pyramid. Why?
You work for a company and if you are good you made them a lot of money. From that lot of money you get your salary which is not so good and you are happy that you have secured job. Every worker in the company work and produce for an owner which is on top of pyramid. There is no way to earn more money than the owner. There is no way! So, it is pyramid all the money goes to the owner.


Network Marketing is not a pyramid. Why?
In  every Network Marketing the most important thing is to set your business good. If you set your structure good than you can earn more money then your up line. How is that possible? Network Marketing is set up in that way that is not important when you get in, it is not important where do you get in, only thing is important how do you setup your business. If your business is set up good you can make more money than your upline. He maybe won’t make any money and you will. Both of you will have 100 people in the business, but who will made money depends of how did you or your upline structured business. So, that is not pyramid.

Every time in the business when downline can earn more money than upline it is not pyramid. Unfortunately or luckily if you get in first in the business it doesn’t matter that you will made more money than everybody else.

“In Network Marketing most money makes those who pay the price of hard-working!”

In any case pyramid business is forbidden and this days every MLM company works with legal and proven MLM systems. If somebody ask you is this a pyramid than it is better to ask them:

  1. What is pyramid for you?
  2. What is definition of pyramid?
  3. How will you recognized pyramid business?
  4. Did you been ever before in pyramid?

After that they will answer them self on their question. If they didn’t answer them self when you ask them this questions. Then simply explain them difference from pyramid in classic business and in MLM business. If then they didn’t understand than it is better to start talking about the weather.

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Hrvoje Horvat

skype: hrvojeh75

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