5 Internet-Based Strategies To Boost Your Company's Bottom Line

Businesses of all shapes and sizes from sole traders to multinationals use the Internet each day especially VoIP phones. At a basic level, they’ll go online to download and send emails, and perhaps do a spot of web surfing. Nowadays, the Internet offers organizations so much more than just email and website browsing!

There are many technology solutions that the Internet can offer small to large businesses. The following is a list of five such examples that can help you to increase your company’s bottom line:


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  1. VoIP (Voice over IP) technology

In case you didn’t know, IP stands for Internet Protocol. As you may have deduced, voice over IP means the ability to call people over the ‘net. It’s no secret that one of the biggest costs any business faces are their telephone expenses. That’s why many businesses are now starting to look at the top service providers for VoIP.

Using a permanent Internet connection, VOIP Providers in St. Louis say it’s possible to replace traditional in-house PBX systems with VoIP ones. That means there’s no need to purchase expensive telephony equipment as everything can be software-based. Plus, you can use certain desk telephones with VoIP services. Companies like SimpleGrid can show you just how much you’ll save and how VoIP calls can work for your business.

  1. Remote IT support

Human resources costs can often reach sky-high levels depending on the size of a business. For that reason, many firms outsource certain operations to third-party vendors. One such example is with IT technical support.

Using an Internet connection, support personnel can remotely log into a computer or server at your premises and diagnose any issues with it. As you can imagine, it saves time and money for both you and them!


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  1. Cloud accounting

Do you find that your accountant’s bill to you each year just seems to keep on rising? Believe it or not, they do a lot of work to ensure your company’s accounts are in order. One of the reasons they charge a lot is because of paperwork organization and bookkeeping tasks.

Did you know that you can use cloud accounting software to help keep your accountant’s costs down? Providers like Intuit offer cloud-based applications that businesses of any size can use. What’s more, those online solutions can produce accountant-friendly reports for tax purposes.

  1. E-commerce integration

It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, it’s likely you want to sell them to an international audience. Of course, how can you do that without opening a variety of retail stores or outlets across the globe?

A more cost-effective option that uses the Internet is to set up a website with e-commerce integration. It allows you to sell things online 24/7, and you can link those platforms up to your in-house order processing systems.

  1. Cloud storage

Last, but not least, you can now stop wasting money on in-house servers and external hard drives! That’s because the age of Internet cloud storage is well and truly with us! Online data storage is super cheap, secure, and easily accessible. Take a look at Dropbox or Amazon AWS to learn more.

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