There’s a saying these days that there’s an app for everything. It’s a saying that came about due to the sheer volume of mobile apps released over the last few years. In many ways, it really does feel like there’s an app for any scenario or occasion. The world has gone app crazy, and we’ve seen this trend reflected in the way many businesses operate.


On the one hand, you have business ideas that revolve around apps. Companies get together with developers and produce an app that’s the sole source of revenue. Now, you have some businesses out there making millions out of producing apps. Then, in a more mainstream sense, we have apps developed for businesses, as an extension of their company. These days, it’s seen as a common thing to offer an app for people to download and use. In many industries, if you don’t have one, you can be left in the dust. It works like your website but brings your business with the consumer wherever they go as you’re on their phone.


This creates the question; are apps the new websites? Will businesses now look at developing apps instead of putting effort into a website? To figure this out, we need to take a step back and have a look at the benefits of a mobile app.




Big Money Maker

An app presents you with multiple ways of generating more money for your business – both directly or indirectly. On a direct level, you can place adverts on your app that generate revenue when people use it. If you think about how many people will use your app per day, then the money soon adds up. Along with this, you could release a premium version of your app – with no ads – that people pay to download. It’s good to offer this choice, and it can be another revenue stream for you. Understandably, you might be wondering how much does it cost to make an app? The answer varies depending on who develops it for you, but the general consensus is that an app ends up paying for itself over the months and years. Alongside the direct ways of making money via the app, your app can also help influence consumer buying decisions. By sending notifications to users of the app, you can alert them to deals that make them buy something you’re selling.

Great Brand Booster

Websites are really good at promoting your brand to the world and boosting awareness surrounding your company. However, arguments can be made that an app is even better at boosting your brand. It all comes down to this idea that an app is more permanent than a website. When someone visits your site, they eventually close the tab and leave. But, when someone downloads your app, even when they’re not using it, you’re still there. They still see your brand name/logo, they still might get notifications from your app, and your brand awareness continues to grow. Not only that, but you can argue people use their phones more than desktop computers these days. Everyone opens their phone and has a flick through the different app screens when they’re bored. Therefore, your brand never goes unnoticed, and you become a permanent fixture in their life.




Lets You Add Value To Your Business

Mobile apps also provide you with an interesting way of adding more value to your business. You can use your app as a way of providing exclusive things to customers that choose to download it. This can be anything you want – it depends on what you think works best for your company. If your business sells products, then you may use the app to offer discount codes for anyone that makes a purchase via the app. Alternatively, you may use your app as a place to publish exclusive content that people can only read if they download it. Either way, you use your app as an extension of your service, giving more value to your customers. This is very important when you consider business/customer relationships. If you want to keep your relationship healthy, then you must ensure your customers are getting great value from you.


It’s quite clear that apps do pose some interesting benefits that websites possibly can’t offer. However, to say that they’re going to fully replace websites seems like a bit of a stretch. While apps are definitely the way forward – your business should fully consider making one – you should still put a lot of focus on developing a great website as well. Apps are the present and the future, but they work most effectively in conjunction with a great website.


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