Is your business dicing with death? Is, it courting disaster? It could be, as the thing about being in business is that you have to be prepared for any eventuality. Even the ones that you don’t think are likely to happen. Why? Well, it’s because of the world that we live and work in isn’t a closed system. There are a myriad of variables operating all at one time, which can have an effect on your business, positive or negative. So not planning for these situations can be very dangerous. That means that you need to get your business in order and make sure you plan for the following things.


Data recovery

One thing that you need to be prepared for in the current market is data loss. As so much is done either on computers and increasing more so online; in cloud storage. That means the risk of losing important data about your product, company, or clients is ever present.


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Of course, one way of protecting against this is to have good security measures that prevent unauthorized access, which allow you to protect your company’s data.

However, you also need to ensure that you are protecting it against technical failures and loss of data. You can do this by trusting your IT provision to companies like Xceptional Networks. Who will put safeguards in place that will backup and recover your data should the worst happen.


Cash flow problems


Something else that you need to be prepared for when running a business is a problem with your cash flow. It could be that a few of your top clients have delayed payment for some reason. Or there is an issue with your bank. Or, it could even be that you need extra funds to deal with a problem or develop new products.


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But the point is that there will be some times when you need more money than you have available.

That is why it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for such occasions. This could entail having an emergency fund which you can dip into in a financial crisis. Which will allows you to go ahead with business as usual.

Or it may be useful to have a protocol in place that directs you to seek to funds from another financial source. Like a short term loan or business overdraft.



The sad truth of the things is that no matter how good you are at running your business, or how wonderful your product is, something at some time is guaranteed to go wrong. That also means that if something goes wrong, someone will end up complaining about it too. So you need to have a protocol in place for dealing with this in an effective and professional manner.

Happily, complaints, instead of being marks against you can be now used as opportunities to show how much you value your customers and what a good standard of client care that you have.

To turn them into a positive opportunity, ensure that you deal with them quickly, sensitively and resolve the issue to the customer scarification.

Also, remember that if the complaint was posted online ensure that you reply online, you need to show that you are professional about the mistake, and care whether they are resolved or not. As this can help convince future customers to spend with you.



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