3 things you must do with new people


Leadership for begginers

When you start to work in you new Network Marketing Company. You are excited, you are fired up! You are working like Crazy! You are using products from your Company and you are excited about those products.
Now you are working Machine which are going like Crazy and recruiting all over the place. So, you have few People in your business. What to do now with them?
They are also happy and fired up about Company and fantastic opportunity. What to do now?

There are 3 things which you must do with beginners.

1. Training for beginners

This is mandatory. As soon as possible you have to set a training for a new people. If you want that people run around chasing other people without any knowledge about Network marketing business. Than you are crazy. Because result will be that they will not recruiting anybody. Another problem is that people will explain to your man that he is in some stupid Network business which is not working anyway. So, first they must be on training for beginners. They must know how to do it right!

2. Training about products

Training about products is very important. Your people must know how to use products, and what to say about it. Most of the new people will know nothing about products, so they need to learn. If you are in business with health products. Your people must know something about products. Common thing is that people when join to Network marketing company usually say that their product is some kind of magical one which will help everybody to become healthy, but that is not the case. You have to teach them what they can say, and what they cannot say.

3. Give them home work

You have to give them home work. It is much better they learn at home until they know something than to run around and talking bullshit’s and forcing people to join their company. Maybe they will be very fast and they will put links all over the internet about this great opportunity. Watch out for that. It is better to give them home work to learn something. Then you can let them to talk around.

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