Can we use our ego?

puppetIn yesterday post we talked about ego, how ego is bad and how ego can destroy our Network marketing business. Today is nothing changed ego is still one of the main enemies of Network marketing business.

Since ego is part of us and we cannot move it from our self we can only try to control it. First we have to be aware of it and we have to know that ego exist and what he doing to us and our business.

So, like somebody said you have to be close with your friends, but closer with your enemy. Since in Network marketing ego is our enemy we have to close with ego and use it for our own good.


Is it crazy? 

How to use ego in our own good? Hrvoje are you crazy?

No, I am not, here I will show you one nice way how to use ego for growing your Network Marketing business. One thing is for sure people who will join your network marketing business will be ego driven people. There it will be maybe more or maybe less, but there will it be people like that.

How they act and work. They want to be better than others, they want to have best rank, they want to compete all the time. What is good. We have to create such environment for them.


Kick them out

When you attend trainings offline or online set a training for let say 7pm for everybody, after 45 min of training you kick out guys with beginning rank and said that now starts training for guys who have higher rank with some real information’s. You can also after 30 minutes of that training kick out the middle rank people from the room and said that now is training for leaders with high rank. And when they will become leaders with that rank then they can attend this meeting.

Do you know what will happen to their ego when they will be kicked out from the meeting. They will try to explode in them self, they will felt a little bad. But trust me, next time on the next meeting they will have higher rank. You cannot do it every week, but once per month you can.

People with big ego will for sure be on level up for that next meeting. What is very important for you to do when you will have such a bg ego guys in your group. Is to teach about ego and how to lower it down. They must be aware of their ego, how it works, what can done to their business and to yours also before they destroy it.

So it is like kids playing with fire. They are not aware how fire is dangerous until they burn the house or somebody teach them that fire is very dangerous.
Now think about how you can use probably the biggest enemy of Network marketing our ego.

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