Ego5 ways to recognize your ego killing your business.
Our ego is one nasty little prick which like to destroy us in any way. Special in Network Marketing business. Here is the 5 ways how to recognized it and then to shut it down. If you can, lot of people cannot do it.
I know that you will do it. Because you have a goal and you want to be successful in your MLM business.


1. You are always right?

If no body smarter than you and you have to be always right. Than your ego doing a great job on you and your business. One thing is for sure, you cannot be always right and you cannot know everything. There is no way to know everything. If you like to arguing on every subject than you are in real problem. Let other people to be right also, you will not lose anything. You will only gain something. We are in people business, we have to know how to work with people and control our self. In Network Marketing regarding that we have a nice question. Do you want to be right or rich?

2. You have to do it everything in your way?

I know that most of you like that song from Frank Sinatra: “I did it my way”. Song is maybe good but your ego love that song even more that you do. If you always want to do it in your way than you will have a lot of problems with your MLM business. Why? Because you will not duplicate from your upline something what is proven that works. You will try to find your way to satisfied your ego. What will happen next you will not have any MLM business. Even your few downlines will drop out of business. After that your ego will blame your uplines, company, products and whole MLM industry.
You will said that MLM don’t works. With big ego don’t work. Just like it you cannot  fill gasoline in you car if you do not the pipe in. If you try to do it on some other “your” way it will not work.


3. Take all the credits for your self?
If you are guy which take all the credits for your self. Then you are ego driven guy. In Network Marketing business people make a result for a one guy. it is not possible to make MLM business by your self alone. It is not a house or software or anything else what you can do alone. To have a good rank in your company you must have lot of downlines and they have to buy something, they have sign up somebody. So, if you will take credits for your self than your business will go down it is only matter of time. But your ego will love it a lot. You must know that you will never feed your ego it will be always hungry.


4. Do you talk about your self all the time?
We have a lot of different people on this globe. Some tells such a good stories that everybody enjoy it. But there is some people who talk only about them self. If you are like that, if you have “I” on every second spoken word. Than your business is in real trouble. If you focused only on your self and nothing on others Network marketing will be a real trouble for you. Because people would like to be around caring and nice people who not only thinks about them self. If you will talk only about your self than you will never had a big group of downlines. Watch for that and turn your self more to the other people.


5. Are you jealous when somebody doing great?

If you are jealous when somebody is good than your ego is pretty big. Instead of being jealous it is better to learn from people who are doing great. Low your ego on that and you will gain a lot. There will always be people who is better than you in something. If that will trouble you, you will never learn and be better. With that technique ego will keep you always on same level. You cannot learn from people who are worse than you. You can learn only from those who are better than you.


Ego is killer of your MLM business and your great life. If you want to have a great life you have to lower your ego. Put it in the pocket and enjoyed in your life-like you deserve it.


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