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Businesses are often prime targets for crime. Some thieves target companies for the financial rewards. Scammers also target companies. You may even experience vandalism, especially during situations such as riots.

It’s always best to have security measures in place prevent any possible crimes. But to prevent them, you first need to know what your business needs to be aware of. There are many crimes that companies are subject to, ranging from petty acts to complicated scams. Here are some of the common crimes that you should protect your business against.


A lot of burglars target business buildings. Especially at night, when it’s dark and they can try to break in without being seen. For this reason, companies are especially prone to burglary during winter. Make sure you don’t leave your company building vulnerable.

Add some security measures around your premises to ward off burglars. Things like video surveillance systems can help a lot with preventing burglary. An anonymous source said that even just seeing cameras can make many people think twice about breaking in.

You should also have alarms implemented and secure locks. Things such as outdoor lighting and a safe can also prevent anything getting robbed. If thieves see they’re unlikely to break in and steal from your business, they’ll be discouraged from trying.


Cybercrime can be deeply concerning for businesses. Hackers use complicated software to try and gain access to sensitive business data. They may also try and break into a company’s financial accounts.

You should make sure to protect against business cybercrimes. An antivirus can take you so far, but you may also want a firewall. For complete protection, you should have a security expert manage your computers and your network.

Even small adjustments can help. Backing up your data regularly will prevent you from losing it all due to a cyber attack. Informing your employees of things like phishing attacks and suspicious links will ensure they avoid it too.


Businesses are often subject to all kinds of frauds and scams. Scammers often contact companies via email or telephone to try and stitch them up for money. Stolen credit cards and blank checks are often used for business scams.

The best approach is to educate yourself about common business scams. You should also watch out for minor scams such as customers using fake notes. Having company policies in place to prevent these things can help.

You should also be weary about employee fraud. Your staff may try to steal business equipment or take money from the till. If you believe an employee is stealing from your business, make sure you collect evidence. It can help you take legal action.


Vandals often target businesses for no apparent reason. You may experience graffiti, broken windows or other damage to your property from vandalism.

These kinds of crimes often happen against businesses in dark, unsecured areas. Outdoor lighting and security cameras can go a long way in preventing it. Insurance can also help you financially in case any damage is done to your property. Keep in mind that it is important to have an insurance damages expert provide an opinion on the cause and origin of damages in your claims in order to obtain the recovery you are entitled to.

If you do experience vandalism, make sure you inform the police immediately.

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