If you want to succeed in any business, you need to ensure that the product you’re selling is actually safe to use. A lot of people think that this is pretty basic stuff. But even the biggest companies fail at this all the time. Just look at Samsung right now.

So it’s important to ensure this sort of thing is made clear. How do you ensure a product is actually safe to use?

Quality control

This is probably the first thing you thought of. Ensuring that the product you’re sending out actually meets quality standards is crucial. It’s also going to help keep your customers safe. Right? Well, you need to remember that the criteria for quality are things that you have to develop yourself. While there are a lot of guidelines for many different products, you still need to build an internal method of quality assurance. And while we’re on the subject of official guidelines, make sure you’re familiar with them. Follow the regulations set upon the type of product you’re selling.



The kind of testing carried out

Some companies will do their own internal testing. Others will hire outsourcers to help them do it. Whatever way you go, you need to ensure that the method of testing is ethical and effective. A lot of companies engage in animal testing, as it seems cost-effective and appears to get results. But such testing has been known to be ineffective for decades now. The difficulty of developing effective test cases shouldn’t be underestimated. But you need to ensure it gets done properly.

Trusty third parties

It’s not only outsource testing that you need to consider when it comes to third parties. You need to think about the suppliers that you’re working with. If they don’t have a reputation for safe and ethical products and practices? Then you could be dooming yourself to poor customer feedback and even danger from day one. Let’s say you’re dealing in bedding – mattresses, pillows, that sort of thing. If you don’t work with a renowned and safe wholesale bedding company? Then the end user probably isn’t going to be happy with the results.


Customer profiles

You also need to think about who is going to be using your product. Of course, this can be a more difficult question to answer than a lot of people think. After all, practically anyone could buy your product once it’s on the market. But you do have to account for the people who are going to make up the bulk of your customer base. Find out more about the demographics of your customers. If most of your customers are from a particular location, or of a certain age? That can have tremendous implications on the relative safety of your product. It also determines what information you need to share, and how to share it. Speaking of which…

Information, information, information

One of the best way to ensure your customers are safe when using your product is by making sure they have access to any information they need. Anything that could affect a person’s health or ability to use the product should be stated at the time of sale. The relevant information should be available at length on your business website. By keeping your customers informed, you’ll help keep them safe.

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