consistency3 reason why you have to be consistent

If you ever think why consistency is important here is 3 reason to know for sure why you have to be consistent.

Lot of people talk about consistency, and everybody knows that it is important in any business. What ever you, you have to do it every day. Even if you have a job than you go to your job every day. Right? Or maybe you go on your job when you feel that you might work a little? So, to be consistent is important. But consistency in blogging is very,very important. Here is 3 Reason for that.



1. With consistency you will get noticed

If you are very consistent. Than lot of people will notice you. If you write your blog once per week. Than you will have no big audience, if you do it once a month, than it will be worse. People will notice you if you do it all the time and it takes time to notice you. They will not notice you if you write a blog few weeks than stop for a month, than again write something. They will notice you if you are consistent.


2. SEO will improve

Search Engine Optimizer is very important for your blog to somebody see it. If you want to have a better ranking on search engines. Than you have to write blogs at least 5 times per week or your ranking will go down. Very easy you can check your ranking on Alexa it is free and there you can measure your progress. You will notice that if you are not working on your blog, ranking goes down. When you start to work again ranking goes up. That’s why is very important to have consistency in your blogging.


3. Practice will made you better

One thing is for sure, practice will make you better. What ever you do in your life, you notice that the more you do, you are better. The same thing is also with blogging. The more you write, makes video’s you are getting better and better. So, all what you have to do to be better is be consistent. Even if you are now the worst blogger in the world. Your first twenty blogs will be maybe bad, but then with practice you will be much better and better.

So, consistency can help you a lot in your business and blogging. I am sure that there is more reason why to be consistent, but this three will give you the right picture why you should have blog at least five times per week.

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