Reputation is all you have

reputationReputation is all you have in Network Marketing

People who are in people business must know that they have to think about only one and the most important thing. That is a reputation.

I mean it is important in any other business, don’t have to be “people business” or network marketing. But in some other business if you not so good person you can hide and no one will notice that you are not such a good person.

Are you good person?

What I mean “Not a good person”. Well there is some things which makes you a good or bad person.

So you are good if:

  1. Telling the truth
  2. You are responsible
  3. You are not cheater

You are bad if you are opposite from this what I wrote here. So, if you are a liar, cheater and so on you will have a bad reputation. When you have bad reputation, than you will not attract people. People will run away from you. Even if you think that a small lie which you said will never be problem. Trust me it will!

Special in Network Marketing reputation is all what you have. If you lost your reputation, you lost your business. Very simple! Somewhere else you can trick people maybe few times. Of coarse word would spread around that you are not reliable person, but it will not have such an impact like in network marketing. In network marketing everybody will know in one week that you are a bad person.

What will happen than? Everybody will start to avoid you. Some of them would like to be sure that you are a bad person. Them you can cheat again, but after that you will have nobody near you. One thing is for sure, you will have no business anymore. Everything will start to fall down like the big castle from cards.

In that case your business life will be in very bad condition. So, for what you must watch the most? Your reputation. This is the most valuable thing when we are talking about branding. If you brand yourself and you are not a good person. Than you will have a big problems. The good news is that if you were a bad person until now. You and only you can change that and become good person. Your bad reputation from the past may slow your progress, but reputation you can change.

If you were:

  1. Lie – now you can start telling the truth
  2. late – now you can be everywhere on time
  3. cheat  – now you can be honest
  4. irresponsible – now you can be responsible
  5. rude with people – now you can be nice to people

You made decision how you will act and react. You are responsible for your action and any action which you made have consequences. Your reputation is depends on your action. So, be careful what you will do. It could cost you a lot or benefit you a lot.


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