3 reason why people join Network Marketing

People joins network marketing every day. There is no doubt about that. We are witness of everyday growing network marketing business arround the world. So, people joins that is for sure. Here you will see 3 reason why they do it. Why they choose network marketing.



1. People joins people

When you are employee searching for a job. Most of the time you are looking companies where to submit your offer for a job. So, you join the company because company is good. Interesting is that people who quits from good companies, quits because of one person, not because of company.

In Network marketing is different, people joins because of people. So, if you want that people joins your company than you have to be attractive person.


2.  They are promised freedom

What freedom means. It means that you can have your free time to do what ever you want and enough money to support such a lifestyle. Ok, if somebody promise that to them, they didn’t lie. It is true, but they also must know that they have to work like crazy for at least five years to achieve freedom. Not few months. Everybody talks about nice and beautiful life, but nobody talks about reality. If they join because of freedom. They must know that they have to work very hard to achieve freedom. There is no free freedom, there was never in the past and never will be.


3. They want fast money

There is never enough of good luck and money. People joins network marketing because they thing they will raise very fast big money. That is true, but not like they think. It will not happen after few months. It will after few years.

People who joins because of fast money in network marketing very fast quit. Reason is simple, there is no fast money in network marketing. Network marketing is leadership business and everyone who would like to succeed in that business need to have and learn leadership skills. Without it they will not be successful.


At the end most of the people joins network marketing from a good reason, but are not committed to learn and work to achieve it. Basic problem is most of compensation plans which promise fast and easy money. Presenters which promise also fast money and freedom. But no body says that you have to work like crazy to get it. That is the reason why lot of people are disappointed with network marketing.

Biggest problem is that somebody told them that it will be easy. To succeed is not easy, it is hard and only those who are ready to do the hard work can be successful. Very simple!


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